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RRC has again been selected as one of the nation's "BEST HIGH SCHOOLS", now for nine years in a row!


Check out our new website! We will link the existing website and be sure to keep the community events as we have in the past on the website, but look for more teacher web pages and improvements including mobile device compatibility on the new website

Click on the link below to find out information on RRC Gym Scheduling (Auditorium, Jeffers, Lunch Room & Main Gym) Be sure to inform Mr. Pack of any schedule requests via email or phone 507-752-7361 (school) or 507-920-3841 (cell) so the schedule may be updaed:


(once viewing the calendar, be sure to click on the event icon in order to see the location of the event)

The next school board meeting is October 25, 2017 @ 5:30PM at the district office in Lamberton


Dear Principal,

In 2012 under the state No Child Left Behind Flexibility Waiver, Minnesota established a goal to reduce achievement gaps by 50 percent by 2017. Schools and districts have received annual data showing progress toward the goal, and many have set local goals under the Best Workforce in alignment with the state goal. It is now 2017, and I am reaching out to share that your school has met the Minnesota goal of reducing the achievement gap by 50 percent in math. You, your staff, your students, and your community are congratulated for this incredible accomplishment and commended for all the hard work you did to make it happen. Achievement gaps do not close without hard work and commitment. 2017 goals were established in reading and math for every student group, including American Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Black, White, Free or Reduced Price Lunch, Special Education, and English learners. A school or district must have at least 20 students within a student group for that group to be included in the data. A school or district was considered to have met the goal if the proficiency index rates for all applicable student groups exceeded the 2017 target. You can find data for all schools attached. This data was posted to the MDE Data Reports and Analytics page soon. As a state, our results are promising but also show there is more work to do. Minnesota is establishing new goals under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that will be aligned to the goals for the state World Best Workforce (WBWF) system. The state is working towards building one coherent accountability system for schools and districts that focuses on closing gaps and increasing student achievement. The new statewide achievement gap goal is to reach a math and reading achievement rate of 90, with no student group below 85, by the year 2025. Under ESSA and the WBWF, Minnesota will double down efforts to support schools and districts in reducing disparities in student outcomes. The new accountability system, beginning in the 2018-19 school year, focuses on equity for all students and targeting support to schools and districts that need it the most. The Department will submit the ESSA State Plan to the U.S. Department of Education on September 18, 2017. For more information on the state proposed system under ESSA, visit the MDE ESSA webpage. I again want to extend my congratulations on your accomplishment. I encourage you to share this celebration with your staff, students, and community. With the continued hard work and dedication from leaders like you, we will continue to make strides in ensuring all students are on paths to post-secondary success. If you have any questions on your school data, please contact If you have questions related to the state ESSA accountability system, contact World Best Workforce questions can be directed to Thank you again for your leadership and the hard work you do every day to ensure all Minnesota children receive an excellent education.

In the interest of children,

Dr. Brenda Cassellius, Minnesota Commissioner of Education

The Red Rock Central Elementary Student Council would like your Box Tops and Labels for Education. Visit and for a complete list of eligible products.

#1...RRC Staff & Student access to LEARN360

#1a...RRC Staff & Faculty Inservice and Microsoft Surface RT Information

#2...Red Rock Central Grades K to 12 offers an online system for student grades, lunch accounts, and attendance. Parents are asked to contact Barb Johnson at 752-7361 or Kellee Pudenz at 628-5521 for a password to access to this system.

#3...RRC Events & Activities via High School Cube Video Streaming

#4... Red Rock Central ISD 2884 Budget Information and RRC school report card on the MDE website

#4a...RRC Student, Staff and Parent Technology Use Agreement

#5...Ms. Karnitz's RRC Counselor web site contains counseling resourses (including scholarships).

#6...Microsoft ONEDRIVE (formerly SKYDRIVE) is used to share RRC Faculty and Student Information

#7...RRC Faculty SMART Board resources

#8...RRC Faculty WEB resources

#9...RRC Faculty iPad apps

#10...RRC Faculty additional tech resources

#11...RRC Elementary NOOK Checkout Agreement

#12...RRC 5th & 6th grade KINDLE Checkout Agreement

#13...Learn to Type ONLINE!

#14...RRC Grades 9 -12 Course Descriptions:

Link to PDF version of Class Registration Info

#15...Faculty Technology Intergration from SWSC

#16...The Red Rock Central Curriculum Management Solution = Schoology

#17...RRC Technology Mobile Device Web Security = iBoss

#18...RRC Elementary School Supply List

#19...Red Rock Central ISD 2884 Career and College Readiness Resources

#20...Download link for the "RRC Medication Authorization Form"

#21...ISD 2884, Red Rock Central Elementary Public School Literacy Plan

#22...Red Rock Central Letter Jackets may be ordered here!

Use the following info to log in: school id: 5074 & password: meca

#23...Red Rock Central School District is excited to announce that we now have the ability to order RRC apparel all year through Borch's! Plus, it can be delivered to your home! Here is the link:

#24...RRC Reading: Grades 3-6

#25...Accelerated Reader BOOK FINDER

#26...RRC Math: Grades K-6

#27...Red Rock Central MMR Report (Multiple Measures Report)

#28...Football & Volleyball

#29...RRC Transcript Request

#30...RRC Worlds Best Work Force and Achievement and Integration Program, updated 9/22/2015

#30a...ISD 2884 Red Rock Central Public School Achievement and Integration Plan July 1, 2014-June 30, 2017

#31...Minnesota Careers Portal


#33...RRC Teacher Eval & Qcomp information and forms

#34...RRC Total Special Education System Manual

#35...RRC Lunch Schedule (formated for printing with Adobe Reader)

#36...Red Rock Central ISD 2884 testing schedule




#40...RRC 2017 Wellness PLAN

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