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RRC Promfest is asking for your support in our Schwan's Fundraiser. If you already order your from Schwan's online it's quite simple just enter our campaign number on the checkout page, we will use this money to provide fun and entertainment for the kids that evening. *Starts December 28th *Campaign #25542 *E gift cards are included although there is a limit 1 per customer

Red Rock Central Community Education will offer ZUMBA with Kate Hagan, a certified Zumba instructor. Ditch the workout-Join the Party! Zumba is a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout that gives all of the benefits of an intense workout, but feels like fun! Thatís right, youíll get fit while dancing and having a great time. Kateís classes will use modern music that ranges from African to HipHop, for the young and the young at heart and also will use more traditional music. Classes are open to all age ranges. Zumba classes will be held in the Lamberton High SchoolAudtorium, from 7-8 pm on Sundays, beginning February 21st. Please register with your name and phone number, by Friday, February 19th, by calling the Red Rock Central School Office at 752-7361. The cost per session will be $5, which will be paid nightly, directly to Kate, as you attend. Class size is set at a minimum of 3 dancers and maximum of 20. Donít wait to get you name on the list. Come and dance, keeping that New Yearís Resolution to become fit!

#1...RRC Staff & Faculty Inservice and Microsoft Surface RT Information

#2...Red Rock Central Grades K to 12 offers an online system for student grades, lunch accounts, and attendance. Parents are asked to contact Barb Johnson at 752-7361 or Kellee Pudenz at 628-5521 for a password to access to this system.

#3...RRC Events & Activities via High School Cube Video Streaming

#4... Red Rock Central ISD 2884 Budget Information and RRC school report card on the MDE website

#4a...RRC Student, Staff and Parent Technology Use Agreement

#5...Ms. Karnitz's RRC Counselor web site contains counseling resourses (including scholarships).

#6...Microsoft ONEDRIVE (formerly SKYDRIVE) is used to share RRC Faculty and Student Information

#7...RRC Faculty SMART Board resources

#8...RRC Faculty WEB resources

#9...RRC Faculty iPad apps

#10...RRC Faculty additional tech resources

#11...RRC Jeffers Elementary NOOK Checkout Agreement

#12...RRC 5th & 6th grade KINDLE Checkout Agreement

#13...Learn to Type ONLINE!

#14...RRC Grades 9 -12 Course Descriptions:

Link to PDF version of Class Registration Info

Link to PDF version of 1st Semester Schedule

It is important to note the differences in the time courses are offered between the Semester 1 and Semester 2 schedules...

Link to PDF version of 2nd Semester Schedule

#15...Faculty Technology Intergration from SWSC

#16...The Red Rock Central Curriculum Management Solution = Schoology

#17...RRC Technology Mobile Device Web Security = iBoss

#18...RRC Elementary School Supply List

#19...Red Rock Central ISD 2884 Career and College Readiness Resources

#20...Download link for the "RRC Medication Authorization Form"

#21...ISD 2884, Red Rock Central Elementary Public School Literacy Plan

#22...Red Rock Central Letter Jackets may be ordered here!

Use the following info to log in: school id: 5074 & password: meca

#23...Red Rock Central School District is excited to announce that we now have the ability to order RRC apparel all year through Borch's! Plus, it can be delivered to your home! Here is the link:

#24...RRC Reading: Grades 3-6

#25...Accelerated Reader BOOK FINDER

#26...RRC Math: Grades K-6

#27...Red Rock Central MMR Report (Multiple Measures Report)

#28...Football & Volleyball

#29...RRC Transcript Request

#30...RRC Worlds Best Work Force and Achievement and Integration Program, updated 9/22/2015

#30a...ISD 2884 Red Rock Central Public School Achievement and Integration Plan July 1, 2014-June 30, 2017

#31...Minnesota Careers Portal


#33...RRC Teacher Eval & Qcomp information and forms

#34...RRC Total Special Education System Manual

#35...RRC HS Lunch Schedule and RRC Jeffers Elementary Lunch Schedule (formated for printing with Adobe Reader)

Red Rock Central ISD 2884 Spring 2016 testing schedule

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    Click here for The RRC All Sport Weight Room Program

    Adult Basic Education and Community Education Link.

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    SansTop20 Anti-Virus & Security Web site

    RRCHigh School Library Magazine Database

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