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RRCNET is now!

Check out the Red Rock Central School District's new website! We will link the existing website and be sure to keep the community events as we have in the past on the website, but look for more teacher web pages and improvements including mobile device compatibility on the new website

Click on the school district's website for information on upcoming school board meetings.

Followup Information from the January 29, 2018 & March 26, 2018 RRC communities/school input/engagement meetings.

#1...RRC Staff & Student access to LEARN360

#1a...RRC Staff & Faculty Inservice and Microsoft Surface RT Information

#2...Red Rock Central Grades K to 12 offers an online system for student grades, lunch accounts, and attendance. Parents are asked to contact Barb Johnson at 507-752-7361 or Kellee Pudenz at 507-540-0655 for a password to access to this system.

#28...Football & Volleyball

Adult Basic Education and Community Education Link.

Microsoft has updates for your Windows computer.

SansTop20 Anti-Virus & Security Web site

RRCHigh School Library Magazine Database

Protecting your Modem
from Electrical Storms

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