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Our Saviors Lutheran Church Ice Cream Social is Wednesday, July 23rd from 5-6:45. Serving BBQs, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, and ice cream with the toppings. This year we are bringing back the root beer floats too! Takeout available. The free will offering proceeds will go to the Audio Visual Fund in hopes of purchasing a video projection system. Join us for the 7:00 service afterwards as the youth will share their experiences from their mission trip to Canada!


Registration is open for children who will be 3 to 5 years old by September 1, 2014. If you have not enrolled and would like to, please call Kathy @ 507-752-7137

*Summer Band Lessons begin Monday July 14, 2014. Click here for a schedule. If you are unable to attend a lesson, please contact Mrs. Eberhard at or by calling the office in Lamberton at (507)752.7361.

The Senior High Band will once again be marching for the annual Watermelon Days parade in Sanborn. All rehearsals will begin in the band room in Lamberton and please make sure you have a lyer for your instrument BEFORE the first rehearsal. For the parade, we will meet on the East side of the former public school building in Sanborn. Wear your pep band t-shirt, denim bottoms and tennis shoes for the parade. Please contact Mrs. Eberhard at or by calling the office in Lamberton at (507)752.7361 if there has been a change in your schedule.

Tuesday July 22 7:00 am to 8:00 am Rehearsal

Wednesday July 23 7:00 am to 8:00 am Rehearsal

Friday July 25 7:00 am to 8:00 am Rehearsal

Monday July 28 7:00 am to 8:00 am Rehearsal

Tuesday July 29 7:00 am to 8:00 am Rehearsal

Sanborn Watermelon Days July 29 (Tuesday) @ 6:15 pm PARADE

Lamberton Area Baseball Schwans Food Fundraiser:

Order Online: ..... click on "Find a Campaign" .... enter ID 8705. Join now and place an order.

Order by phone: 1-855-870-7208 and provide ID 8705

#1...RRC Staff & Faculty Inservice and Microsoft Surface RT Information

#2...Red Rock Central Grades K to 12 offers an online system for student grades, lunch accounts, and attendance. Parents are asked to contact Barb Johnson at 752-7361 or Kellee Pudenz at 628-5521 for a password to access to this system.


#4...RRC Student, Staff and Parent Technology Use Agreement

#5...Ms. Karnitz's RRC Counselor web site contains counseling resourses (including scholarships).

#6...Windows 8.1 Preview on Surface

#7...RRC Faculty SMART Board resources

#8...RRC Faculty WEB resources

#9...RRC Faculty iPad apps

#10...RRC Faculty additional tech resources

#11...RRC Jeffers Elementary NOOK Checkout Agreement

#12...RRC 5th & 6th grade KINDLE Checkout Agreement

#13...Learn to Type ONLINE!

#14...RRC Grades 9 -12 Fall of 2014 registration information:

Link to PDF version of Master Schedule

Link to WORD version of Master Schedule

Link to PDF version of Course Descriptions

#15...Faculty Technology Intergration from SWSC

#16...The Red Rock Central Curriculum Management Solution = Schoology

#17...RRC Technology Mobile Device Web Security = iBoss

#18...RRC Elementary School Supply List

#19...prior year RRC LESSON PLANS

#20...Download link for the "RRC Medication Authorization Form"

#21...ISD 2884, Red Rock Central Elementary Public School Literacy Plan

#22...Red Rock Central Letter Jackets may be ordered here!

Use the following info to log in: school id: 5074 & password: meca

#24A...RRC Reading: Grades 3-6

#24B...Accelerated Reader BOOK FINDER

#25...RRC Math: Grades K-6


#27...Red Rock Central MMR Report (Multiple Measures Report)


Minnesota Careers Information Page - username & password is available for students from the high school office.

  • Southwest Minnesota Careers - Click here

    Click here for The RRC All Sport Weight Room Program

    Adult Basic Education and Community Education Link.

    Microsoft has updates for your Windows computer.

    SansTop20 Anti-Virus & Security Web site

    RRCHigh School Library Magazine Database

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