Reminder: Prevent a cracked tablet screen by not leaving your tablet in the extreme heat (or cold) of your car! AND to prevent overcharging of the tablet batteries, do not charge batteries more than once per week over night in the tablet carts.


Workshop Glossary:

Anthros Tablet Carts:(24 for $23K-included iPad sync cable sets for 10 of the carts) are lockable Surface and iPad tablet computer storage units that will be placed in all K-6 classrooms and as near as possible to the Junior High and Senior High English, Science, Special Ed, & Social Studies classrooms.

Aerohive (40 AP for $23K covers 34 classroom school building) or the "hive" wireless system is in both buildings. Aerohive allows staff and student CIPA compliant filtered network access throughout the buildings without the need to continuously change routers as one moves through the buildings. Access Point name = RRC; password = Falcons####

CIPA compliance: "Children's Internet Protection Act" is FEDERAL LAW. (SURFACE RT doesn't allow an alternative web browser, so an IE CIPA COMPLIANCE solution works nicely) RT support

Microsoft Surface RT: is a 10 month old tablet computer that was originally sold in December of 2012 for $629 with a "type keyboard", Microsoft reduced the price to schools to $199 for the tablet this summer (recommend the TYPE KEYBOARD for an additional $90). The District purchased 486 of the tablets in July/August for grades Pre-K, grades 3 and up, including all faculty and staff.

Results of April 2013 Faculty "APPS and SOFTWARE SURVEY": #1. Microsoft Office WORD; #2. Office PP; #3. Excel

USB and Printer support was a plus

Network Printers:(HP4000 is not compatible with RT, HP4100, HP4200, HP8150 & HP9000 series printers are compatible) Locations of network printers and "how to setup printer" instructions for the Surface tablets are at: (link #1.9 on the website). Please feel free to ask Steve, Sharon or Leonard for help with this as well.

RT & 3D PRINTERS in a FABLAB microsoft-touts-windows-81-3-d-printing

RT & 3D PRINTERS in a FABLAB "thingiverse" "THINGIVERSE site gives you suggestions of RT printer objects

BUY A COVER FOR YOUR RT: We bought on AMAZON.COM Elsse (TM) Premium Folio Case with Stand for Microsoft Surface RT / Surface 2 (Does not fit Windows 8 Pro Version) - Black for $12.99 each

Apple iPad mini 16: is a tablet computer for RRC grades K, 1 and 2. Educational "apps" or programs that may be downloaded via iTunes at the "Apple Online Store". Microsoft provides a similar service for their Surface RT tablet.

GREAT APP selection with the Apple Products

I HAVE LOOKED AT COVERS FOR THE MINI, found some on AMAZON, but looking for suggestions....

"Courtesy Mode": is the classroom instructor directing the students to close the cover on their tablet computer so students may direct their attention to the classroom insturctor.

RRC District: Technology Acceptable Use Policy Contract (link #4 on the home page) covers acceptable use of technology and damage policy of school owned textbooks and technology equipment.


Learning Point Navigator Minnesota Assessment Website Information

LEARNING POINT NAVIGATOR WORKS FINE WITH WINDOWS RT 8.0, but not 8.1..... still need to work this out or just wait until MDE changes it's testing company.

No matter where you are in Windows 8 or Windows RT, the charms help you do the things you do most often, like search, share links and photos, connect devices, and change settings. What you can do with the charms can change depending on if you're on the Start screen or using an app. QUICK HELPFUL HINT: THE QUICK WAY TO SHUTDOWN YOUR SURFACE TABLET WOULD BE TO PRESS (WINDOWS KEY + C) ON THE KEYBOARD, then touch POWER & SHUTDOWN.

METRO INTERFACE is the Windows 8 Start Screen and includes the SURFACE RT DESKTOP MODE which is a "look alike" to WINDOWS 7 with some key differences.

ONEDRIVE formerly called SKYDRIVE is a file hosting service that allows users to upload and sync files to a cloud storage and then access them from a Web browser or their local device. It is part of the Windows Live range of online services and allows users to keep the files private, share them with contacts, or make the files public. Publicly shared files do not require a Microsoft account to access. For students or staff to access a school created SKYDRIVE account, the username is in the format of where the 14 refers to the graduation year of the student; the "tape" refers to taNNER peTERSON (first two letters in first and last name). The password is Falcon### (where the ### is substitued for the student or staff RRC lunch number).


Student & Staff: login with rrc(graduation year)(1st two initials of first and last name)

Example username for Nathan Runck =

Example password for Nathan = Falcons(lunch number) or Falcons999 (example only)

HOW TO USE SKYDRIVE and Share files and folders and change permissions


QR Codes in the Classroom Move information quickly to students, staff and community with a QR Code! (instructions: play two short student & teacher videos)

Activity: Go into the MICROSOFT STORE & SEARCH, INSTALL the QRReader app.

TABLET STYLUS, EAR BUDS & CASES: You may purchase a "capacitive stylus" for your surface to navigate with the touch screen. Store ear buds in the bottom tray of your classroom's Tablet Cart. I would suggest labeling the ear buds with masking tape so the students don't share ear wax!

Have yet to find a good Wireless Video Solution for the RT, can use SPASHTOP to remote back to a desktop connection to a classroom projector, but you would need to buy a Surface 2 or PRO to connect to WiDi such as an ActionTEC ScreenBeam PRO or other Miracast Devices.

All of the information presented today may be referenced at a later time via the link: (non Java link for iPads and non-Java tablets).

#1.1 VIDEO: Microsoft Surface RT Complete Review (6:23)

#1.1a Microsoft Surface RT tips - Updated 01/20/2014

#1.1b 3D.SI.EDU - Updated 03/2/2014

#1.2 VIDEO: Microsoft Surface RT Tutorial (8:59)

#1.3 VIDEO: How to Operate Microsoft Surface RT (7:44)

#1.3a VIDEO: POSITIVE AUGUST 2013 REVIEW of Microsoft Surface RT

#1.3b VIDEO: another POSITIVE AUGUST 2013 REVIEW of Microsoft Surface RT

#1.3c VIDEO: Surface RT for education discussion of "Intune", "OFFICE 365", ETC.



#1.3f OFFICE 365 STARTER MANUAL 2013 Edition

#1.3g Windows 8 Deployment Planning Guide for Education

#1.4 Getting Started with Microsoft Surface RT (includes Microsoft Surface RT instruction manual)

#1.5 Microsoft Surface RT gesture and keyboard shortcut guide (the keyboard shortcut guides are useful) Software update will improve Microsoft Surface Touch and Type covers

#1.6 Troubleshoot Touch Cover or Type Cover

#1.7 Mobile Device Management Example: "INTUNE" (allows cloud domain, AD, etc. management for Windows Phone, Windows RT and Windows Home)


#1.9 Install the same Microsoft Surface app from the Microsoft store for sharing paid apps on up to 5 devices





#1.12 OFFICE 365 for EDUCATION

#1.13 System Center Configuration Manager

#1.14 Microsoft Surface RT Overview and Specifications

#1.15 VIDEO: Top Ten Microsoft Surface RT APPS


#1.17 VIDEO: Jailbreak Microsoft Surface RT

#1.18 VIDEO: How to reset Microsoft Surface RT back to Factory Default

#1.18a How to reset Microsoft Surface RT password

#1.18b How to reset Microsoft Surface RT back to factory

#1.19 VIDEO: How to reset Windows 8 Password

#1.20 Troubleshoot Windows Store apps on Surface

#1.21 Microsoft Surface RT Printing help

#1.22 Microsoft Surface RT Printing to HP LaserJet Network Printing compatability list

#1.23A Surface RT Printing to HP LaserJet Printers, MFPs, and All-in-Ones help - Install the driver included in Windows 8 or Windows Update

#1.23B Surface RT Connecting to a Brother Network Printer

#1.24 Windows 8 compatibility for HP LaserJet 4200 Laser Printer model Q2425A from HP

#1.25 Windows Computer Hardware Compatibility Center

#1.26 Additional Windows Computer Hardware Compatibility Center Items

#1.27 What Does the "RT" In Windows RT Stand For?

#1.28 Information on Setting up a TCP/IP Printer On An Older Version of Windows may be useful in setting up TCP/IP printing with the Windows Surface RT operating system

#1.29 Microsoft in Education Blog

#1.30 Microsoft in Education Teacher Resources and more...

#1.31 Bloomington Microsoft Store Location @ The Mall of America

#1.32 Windows 8 Apps Store

#1.33 How to Connect Surface to a Wired TV or Projector Port

#1.34 A Review of Windows RT from ZDNET

#1.35 How to run normal x86 Windows apps on your Windows RT tablet

#1.36 Managing PCs and Tablets with Windows Multipoint Server 2012

#1.37 Preparing Students to Compete in the 21st Century—Affordably and Effectively with Windows Multipoint Server 2012

#1.38 One of the most significant new features in Server 2012 R2 is Workplace Join. Best thought of as a granular version of full Active Directory membership, joining a workplace lets lightly-managed devices (like a Windows RT tablet, or a user's own PC) access files and directories. Workplace Join creates an Active Directory entry for the device, and delivers an authentication certificate that can be used to give access to files on corporate servers — without having to join a domain.

#1.39 5 Things you might not know about Windows RT

#1.40 Note taking Using Surface RT as a Tablet (OneNote)



#1.43 Microsoft does offer System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) licenses starting at $62 per device for the Configuration Manager Client, though other pricing is available for Software Assurance Customers.

#1.44 Windows RT can be easily joined to a Windows Workgroup, gaining access to all shared resource. With some simple and familiar administrative modifications to the services control panel, the RT device can share its resources on your Windows network as well.

#1.45 Windows RT devices today appear to be manageable only by Windows Intune today. But tomorrow, it will be by Windows Intune and SCCM.

#1.46 10 Tips & Tricks To Setup And Customize Microsoft Surface RT

#1.47 Surface RT with Windows 8.1 will have strong mobile device management capabilities. This will let the IT department manage some settings, give certificates, and protect data, even if it’s my personal system if I want to let them do that to get access to work resources. AND FUNCTION KEYS

#1.48 The Price is Right: 11 Excellent Sites for Free Digital Textbooks

#1.49 Windows 8.1 to Reinvent the Surface RT with Outlook 2013

#1.50 Confirmed: Windows 8.1 to Reinvent the Surface RT with Outlook 2013, “Other Cool Stuff” “Surface RT with Windows 8.1 will have strong mobile device management capabilities. This will let the IT department manage some settings, give certificates, and protect data, even if it’s my personal system if I want to let them do that to get access to work resources,” Hall explained.

#1.51 The Price is Right: 11 Excellent Sites for Free Digital Textbooks

#1.52 Troubleshooting guide for managing Windows RT using ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 and Windows Intune

#1.53 Troubleshooting Windows RT Client Software Distribution Issues

#1.54 7 Tips to Optimize the Microsoft Surface RT .... Managing with Intune ... A built-in management agent means you can manage devices from Intune Wave D. You’ll need to have user accounts in an Azure Active Directory (either federated from an internal AD or via another Microsoft cloud service like Office 365).

#1.55 What's New in Windows 8.1........Workplace Join & Work Folders & Open MDM & Mobile Device Management & RDS Enhancements: Enhanced Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in Windows Server 2012 R2 with improvements in management, value, and user experience. Session Shadowing allows administrators to view and remotely control active user sessions in an RDSH server. Disk dedupe and storage tiering allow for lower cost storage options. User experience for RemoteApps, network connectivity and multiple displays has been improved. Administrators can now easily support users with session desktops to provide helpdesk style support.

#1.56 Top Windows 8 apps for education

#1.57 The best collaborative Windows 8 education app for primary children - nsquared 'make words'

#1.58 The first key education apps to install on Windows 8

#1.59 New Windows to Unified Management: System Center 2012 & Windows InTune

#1.60 Windows RT Has a Place in Your Windows 8 Deployment: The tablets provide users with a familiar operating system and Microsoft Office, and they can be secured using standard ActiveSync policies.

#1.61 Microsoft did embed a lot of accessibility features into Windows 8 (Text to Speech, Narrator, Zoom, and Speech Recognition) there needs to be more work done to persuade developers to provide educators with a range of apps so that we can use on the Surface RT with students with special needs.

#1.62 Surface RT Deal for EDUs: Too Good to be Good ... with non-existent sales, betting that software publishers will invest in the Surface RT platform is risky.

#1.63 With Windows 8.1, Surface RT Far Better for Business and Education

#1.64 Microsoft attempts to make Surface RT tablet enterprise-worthy

#1.65 Standardizing on Windows tablet PCs to simplify device management

#1.66 Chatfield School's Surface RT order program = BYOD

#1.67 Setup Microsoft Surface RT for teachers

#1.68 Bing Adds Hardware and Curriculum for Schools, Subtracts Ads

#1.69 Unlock Your Surface RT Tablets Hidden Superpowers

#1.70 52. Install Apps Direct to SD Card By default only media files can be installed to the SD cards and apps are installed to internal memory. If you have a 32gig tablet, you will realise internal memory is precious and limited. Free up internal memory by changing the location of where apps are installed. Run Regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Appx and change the location path of the PackageRoot key from C:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps to say D:\WindowsApps (where D: is the drive letter of your SD card and WindowsApps is the name of a folder you created in your SD card). You may need to change permissions on the Appx registry folder so that you can edit the key. You can also change the app repository to another directory by changing the PackageRepository key in a similar manner.