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Protecting your Modem from Electrical Storms:

Most people know to unplug their computers during a storm due to the possibility of electrical damage from a lightning bolt. However, most people don't know that the same jolt that can damage computer equipment through the power cord can travel through the phone line and damage the modem. In most cases the modem is useless at that point and must be replaced.

In order to protect your equipment, please take note of the following information.


When you know a storm is approaching, unplug the phone line to your modem and computer. It is a good idea to unplug these items when you will be away from your home for the weekend or even during the day. For businesses, it is a good idea to do this when you leave for the evening. The 30 seconds it takes to unplug everything is well worth it considering the cost of replacing a computer or modem. Your electrical equipment should normally be plugged into a good surge protector. It is also recommended that you upgrade to one that includes modem protection. Please remember to stay off of your computer during an electrical storm. It is not safe for either you or your equipment.

Those of you with purchased wireless Internet equipment should talk with your insurance agent about buying additional coverage for your equipment. Damage to equipment from an electrical storm probably won't be covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

Modem information:

We have 56K & v.90 modem capabilities available in all of our internet calling areas through RRCNET.

now supports the v.90 modem standard.

Table of Modem Init strings

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E-mail Setup Information Section

Outlook Express

This is a place where we will be listing frequently asked questions(faqs) from our valued customers to assist in providing the best possible service.

Q. How do I make the first page my browser comes to when I open it?

In Netscape 3.0 or earlier
Go to the Options menu to "General Preferences". On the first tab, in the section marked "Browser Starts with" type in the field next to "Home Page Location".

In Netscape Communicator
Go to the Edit menu to "Preferences". The second section is called "Home Page". Type into the field next to "Home Page Location".

In Internet Explorer
Click the "Preferences" button or go to the edit menu to "Preferences". In the Preferences menu select "Home/Search". Then type in the field next to "Address" in the Home Page section.

Windows 95
Go to the View menu and select "Options". Click the tab marked "Navigation". Under page, select "Start Page." In the address field, type   If you do not have a Navigation tab, there will be a field on the General tab that will list a field for homepage where you type


Q: My computer is disconnecting whenever a phone call comes in. How do I disable the call waiting service from the phone company while I am on the Internet?

Windows 95
Go to My Computer on your desktop; Go into Dial up Networking; double click on your dialer which will most likely be called RRCNET or something similar. Go into dial properties, put a check mark in the box by the statement "This location has call waiting. To disable it, click on the down arrow to the right and select *70, . Click OK. You must then connect from dial-up networking in order for the system changes to be accepted.

In the dialer setup just type *70, in front of the phone number.

Q.  How can I access my e-mail when I am on vacation?   You can retreive your e-mail from any computer that has access to the internet. Please call us at 1-800-324-8284 for assistance with this.


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