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Elementary Smart Resources 
Kindergarten Literacy Skill Builder
Kindergarten Math Skill Builder 
Primary Games - Interactive Games in various subject levels aimed at primary grade
eBooks - Online Children's Storybooks.  Some can be downloaded as PowerPoint Presentations and other various formats.
Connect the Dots - Students can complete connect the dots sheets on the interactive whiteboard.
Interactive Math Manipulatives - Resources relating to the Everyday Math Series such as interactive manipulatives, venn diagrams, virtual manipulatives, base 10 blocks, geoboards, tangrams, algebra tiles and much more.
Aplus Math - A website developed to help students improve their math skills
Teaching Time - Virtual digital and analog clock activities that can be used to help students tell time.
Growing Plants - Interactive plant growth simulation.
Dino Dig Game - Various Fossil finding interactive games.
Interactive Weather MakerStudents adjust weather variables to see their impact.

Elementary Vocabulary Games - for grades K-2


Games and Activities - various games and activities for all grades, includes such things as Construct-A-Word, comic creator, Factor Game, ABC Match, etc.


Interactive ELA Games - activities and games related to ELA concepts for elementary


Interactive Games - unique site, no instructions, just click on pictures and get started


Interactive Math Games - games for elementary, games for place value, basic math facts, tangrams, angles, symmetry, fractions, decimals, percentages, measure skills, probability, etc.


Interactive Science Games - games for many science topics, applicable for elementary and middle school, possibly applicable for basic levels of information for secondary sciences


Interactive Whiteboard Games (elementary) - games for various subject areas from PBS


PowerUp -  free, online, multiplayer game for science and math that allows students to experience the excitement and the diversity of modern engineering while saving the planet


Quiz Buzzer - simple interactive set of quiz buzzers


Review Games from Oswego - pre-made games and make own games


SMART Notebook Game Templates - various game templates for different grades and subjects built within the Notebook Software


SMART Notebook Jeopardy - template for SMART Notebook

Math SMART Resources
High School 

AAA Math - resources for grades K-8, sorted by subjects


Angle Sums - activity for grades 6-8 from Illuminations


Cool Math - fun math for secondary students


Erie 1 BOCES Instructional Resources Wiki - scroll down and look for grade level pertaining to your classroom


GeoGebra - GeoGebra is a free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus.


Graph Generator - online chart and graph generators


Graphing calculator - online graphing calculator 


Interactive Math Classroom - contains different interactive math games for the math classroom, some are PowerPoint games


List of Secondary Math resources 


Math Exercises - contains practice problems for various math topics


Math Zapper - review fractions and decimals 


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - virtual math manipulatives for secondary students, sorted by topic


Number practice - useful for review of basic math facts, British site - not all material appropriate for U.S.


Scientific Calculator - online scientific calculator


Shodor Interactives - may look for interactives by subject topic and grade level


SMART Board Resources for Math

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Interactive math manipulatives for grades PreK-12
Aplus Math - A website developed to help students improve their math skills
Elementary School

100th Day of School - list of links for activities to do on the 100th day of school


AAA Math - resources for grades K-8, sorted by subjects


Addition and Subtraction - list of resources for addition and subtraction in the elementary classroom


Analog Clock 


BBC Math Activities - interactives to help with such math topics as numbers, shape, space, and measures, and handling data


Cool Math - fun math for young kids


Cool Math Sites


Elementary Math Hotlist - vast list of elementary math resources


eManipulatives - interactives for math such as bills and coins, number line, etc.


Erie 1 BOCES Instructional Resources Wiki - scroll down and look for grade level pertaining to your classroom


Everyday Math Resources


Graph Generator - online chart and graph generators


Harvey's Math Homepage - contains elementary math lessons


Interactive Math Websites for the elementary classroom - contains online calculator and timeline


Illuminations - resources for teaching math such as activities, lessons, and Web links


Lines of Symmetry - use virtual mirror to show lines of symmetry for pictures and shapes


List of Elementary Math resources 


Math Playground - contains games, word problems, logic puzzles, math videos, and math manipulatives


Math Zapper - review fractions and decimals


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - virtual math manipulatives for pre-K and up, sorted by topic


Shodor Interactives - math interactives starting with grade 3


Telling Time - interactive clock - more interactive than clock in Notebook Gallery, click on the Go button


Time-for-Time - learning clock, telling time game, and activities and printables for learning time


Virtual Manipulatives - manipulatives for grades PreK - 4


What's My Angle - interactive measuring angle activities

Science SMART Resources
High School Science
Amusement Park Physics - build a virtual roller coaster 


Astronomy resources


Biology in Motion - interactives to demonstrate basic biological processes


Biology Resources from SMART Technologies


Biology Resources - list of Internet resources for biology


Carbon Print - carbon emission awareness via virtual polar bear habitat wellness from National Grid


Cells Alive - interactive site about different types of cells


Chemistry Virtual Lab - simulations about various chemistry topics


Chemistry resources from Erie 1 BOCES


Chemistry Resources from SMART Technologies


DNA Interactive - site to help teach DNA in the classroom


Earth Science resources from Erie 1 BOCES


Earth Science resources from Internet 4 Classrooms


Erie 1 BOCES Instructional Resources Wiki - scroll down and look for grade level pertaining to your classroom


Habitat Adventure - Panda Challenge


Living Environment resources from Erie 1 BOCES


Nobel Prize Winners - games for students about past Nobel Prize winners


Physics Classroom - help with physics


Physics resources from Erie 1 BOCES


Physics resources from SMART Technologies


Science of color


Science of light


Science Resources - organized by topic area


Scientific Calculator - online scientific calculator to include unit conversions


Simple Machines - activities to learn about simple machines


Solve a crime using DNA - virtual DNA experiment


Tornado Damage - tornado simulation, rate tornado damage


Vaccine production - virtual activity involving vaccine production


Walk in the Forest - interactive soil analysis

Elementary School Science 

BBC Science Activities - contains interactives about such topics as living things, materials, and physical processes


Carbon Print - carbon emission awareness via virtual polar bear habitat wellness from National Grid


Ecocolumns - interactives for 5th grade ecocolumn project


Elementary science - wiki containing tons of elementary science resources, many interactives


Erie 1 BOCES Instructional Resources Wiki - scroll down and look for grade level pertaining to your classroom


Food Chains - information and activities related to food chains


Glossary - interactive science glossary for grades 1-6, pronounces each word with a click of a button


Great Plant Escape - interactive plant activity


Science Resources - organized by both grade level and topic


States of Matter - activities and information related to solids, liquids, and gases


Water Cycle - information, interactive activities, and games related to the water cycle


Wonderville - fun science activities for grades 3-7



Earth - includes the rock and water cycles










Simple Machines







Language Arts SMART Resources 
Online literacy interactive tools such as venn diagrams, plot map and timelines.
A variety of interactive literacy activities including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, Shakespeare and speaking.
Social Studies SMART Resources
High School

Best of History Sites - set up by time periods and activities


Bill of Rights - interactive game


Current Events - current and past current events


Digital History - resources for teaching history


Erie 1 BOCES Instructional Resources Wiki - scroll down and look for the grade level pertaining to your classroom


Fling the Teacher - get 15 questions correct about various history topics and fling the teacher


Games and animations


Games from Ms. Roaches Website - set up by topic area


Google Historic Photo Search from LIFE - Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today.


History Resources - many resources for the history classroom to include general resources, geography, history, and economics 


Immigration - interactive Ellis Island, contains audio tracks from people who came to Ellis Island


Library of Congress


Maps - list of map Websites


Maps - maps of the U.S. and the world, interactives and printables


Online History list of activities - set up in alphabetical order


Our Courts - games to help students learn about our government, Sandra Day O'Connor was part of design


Pearl Harbor - interactive about Pearl Harbor, includes Flash activity about what happened at Pearl Harbo


WWI Study Activity - matching, concentration, word search, and flashcards

384 Geography Games - Various World Geography Games
National Geographic Xpedition Hall - Interactive museum filled with geography activities.
EarthCam - Check out places on earth in "real time".  Great for writing projects, changes over time, animal observation, etc.(Elem, Mid, High)
American Centuries - Explore American history through these collections and activities. (Elem, Mid, High)
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids - Explore U.S. History through various K-12 activities.
Google Earth - View aerial imagery & explore the world in 3D with Google Earth.
Elementary School 

Bill of Rights - The Official National Computer has crashed. Help restore the Bill of Rights.


Erie 1 BOCES Instructional Resources Wiki - scroll down and look for the grade level pertaining to your classroom


Government for kids - sites about government for kids


History Games - list of history games


History resources - list of history web resources


Interactive History Sites - interactive sites about various history topics


Library of Congress


New York State Maps - fill in map and a blank outline map available


Maps - interactive maps of the U.S. and the world


Online History list of activities - set up in alpabetical order


Prezquest - free lesson plans, games, and materials related to the presidents of the United States


U.S. Map Puzzle - with or without lines

 Foreign Language
Free online tool to create comic strips in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Latin
Health/PE Resources

Body and Mind - information and activities about diseases, food and nutrition, physical activity, safety, life issues, and body development for 9-13 year olds


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - resources about nutrition, physical activity, and obesity


Health - hotlist of health resources from MegaEd


Health and Nutrition - PowerPoint presentations and Websites about health and nutrition from Pete's PowerPoint Station


Health, Fitness, and Safety - extensive resources about health, fitness, and safety


Health, Nutrition, and PE - health, nutrition, and PE Websites


Health Tutorials - interactive tutorials on various health topics to include prevention and wellness


Interactive Health Resources 

for grades K-2

for grades 3-6

for grades 7-12


It's Up to You - activities on healthy eating


My Pyramid - information and activities about eating right


NASPE - National Association for Sport and Physical Education, information for PE teachers


National Health Museum - resources about various health focus topics such as alcohol awareness month, dental health, diabetes, nutrition month, etc.


PE Central - Health and Physical Education resources


PE Lessons - activities for grades K-12


PE Links Page - list of Websites with resources for PE


PELINKS4U - various links for PE to include other Physical Education Departments from other schools


PE Resources - hotlist of resources from MegaEd


PE Universe - a space for physical educators


Pete's PowerPoint Station - PowerPoint presentations and Websites about health and physical education topics from Pete's PowerPoint Station


Physical Education Resources - extensive list of PE resources


Teens Health - reliable health information for teens


The Physical Education Teacher - blog about technology resources for the PE teacher

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