Hello from our family to yours.

It's a Boy!

Nathaniel Zachariah Runck
Born October 2nd @ 9:30PM
9 lbs. 4 oz. & 21in. long

Welcome to...


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This photo was taken at Gary & Sarah Runck's wedding reception in May of 1996 at the historic Glenwood Ballroom. Pictured are Leonard, Matthew, Andrew (who was the ring bearer in the wedding), Anita, Grandma Maxine,and Bryan.

Check out these interesting sites:

WHATIS.COM is a general computer help site.




Linux Router Project

Squid Web Proxy



PINE is an email program available to anyone who has an email accounton RRCNET. This tutorial from University of Washington will help you get started.

You need to be able to run TELNET in order to access PINE. If you wouldlike to learn about telnet, check out this telnetFAQ from Cornell University. Users who have Windows 95 already have a telnet program. At the MS-DOS Prompt type TELNET and you are in. Windows 3.1 may or may not be set up for TELNET. Check out the CornellUniversity telnet FAQto find out.

An added benefit for learning to use PINE is that many University computer email systems use PINE. If your headed for college, learn PINE.

Leonard's suggestions for those assembling a library of Vivacecartridges for the Vivace Personal Accompanist.

Anita's favorite dance sites on the web

GIS & GPS sites on the web

UNIX Operating System tutorial site on the web

UNIX Helpfor Users is another UNIX tutorial.

Red Rock Central High School's homepage is up and running!

If you would like to create your own home page, download the Hot Dog Professional Web Editor. You may use it on a trial basis for 30 days. You may also use the free web editors that are included with Netscape Navigator 4.x or Internet Explorer 5.x

A guide to html publishing by Interlink

Once RRCNET members have created a web page, they can upload it to the RRCNET right from their own home or office with Winsite FTP 32. Download Winsite FTP 32.

Click here for my tutorial on how to download Winsite FTP 32 from the RRCNET site, uncompress the exe file, add the programto the Windows 95 START MENU TASK BAR, and finally run Winsite FTP 32.

See the new Southwest Research & Outreach Center home page. (formerly called theSouthwest ExperimentStation)

Bay Network's remote access products.

Here are homepages of two of our technically gifted RRC alumni:

Dan Churchill's home pageincludes photos of the Class of 1996's senior trip to Florida.

Tim McCabe is a studentat Mankato State University. Check out the graphics on his homepage. 

Recent projects:


Windows Compatibility List



/W95.MTX removal




Amatuer Radio Association


Tripplite Lightening Protection


ETHERNET QUICK REFERENCE Questions and Answers and at the bottom of this page from the United Kingdom.

Multiple computer Internet Access on one phone line is possible with Wingate.Installation instructions.Wingate FAQAn alternative to Wingate is LinkScan.Wingate HELP

Win 95 TCP/IP and Peer toPeer Networking setup.

WINDOWS95.COMInternet Hyper-Glossary
RRCNETDialup Instructions
See other interesting information on the RRCNETCOMMUNITY NETWORK!

Leonard and Anita Runck's email: runckl@rrcnet.org