The file Ws_ftp32.exe is an executable file which expands to the FTP client called Winsite FTP 32. The following is hopefully an easily understood tutorial on how to load your newly created web pages on to the Internet. This tutorial is for RRCNET members with dial in access on Windows 95 operating systems.

Begin by downloading the file by left clicking ws_ftp32.exe. Download this file to the root of your computer's C: Drive.

What you have now downloaded is an executable file which is compressed. You must uncompress it. Begin by closing down your dialup and web browser and any extra programs that you happen to be running.

*Go to the START MENU button of Windows 95. Select RUN.

*Then BROWSE into the root of your computer's C: Drive and find the file ws_ftp32.exe which you downloaded earlier.

*Select the file and RUN this executable file. You will need to add the program to your START MENU BAR screen by right clicking the center of the TASK BAR and left clicking PROPERTIES and following the instructions on how to ADD a program to the START MENU PROGRAMS.

*Left click START. Then begin the PROGRAM called "Ws_ftp". If the program starts, press the NEW icon.

*You will need to identify a SESSION PROFILE. I would suggest entering your dial in user name - example: "runckl" in the PROFILE NAME box. (Ignore the quotation marks).

*enter the HOST NAME as

*leave the HOST TYPE set "automatic detect"

*the USER ID is your dial in user name - example "runckl", the same as the PROFILE NAME.

*the PASSWORD is the same as your dail in password.

*check the SAVE PASSWORD box by left clicking it.

*leave the ACCOUNT box empty.

*enter "public_html" in the REMOTE HOST box.

*enter "A:\" in the LOCAL PC box. Insert your floopy disk with your HTML files into drive A:

*you may leave the COMMENT box empty.

*finally, SAVE the session by left clicking the APPLY icon located towards the top of the Ws_ftp screen.

Click OK to begin Winsite FTP client. You should now notice files represented by file names in two screens.

Now you are ready to begin sending LOCAL SYSTEM web page files which are represented by the left side of your screen to the REMOTE SYSTEM UNIX computer which is represented by the right side of your computer screen. Notice the two arrows between the two screens. When you want to send files from the local system to the remote system (the Internet), click the RIGHT ARROW. When you want to send files from the REMOTE SYSTEM UNIX computer to your local at home or business computer click the LEFT ARROW. Before you move any file you must HIGHLIGHT the file with one LEFT CLICK.

You may also edit REMOTE SYSTEM files by first moving the file to the left side of your screen using the LEFT arrow. Then begin editing this LOCAL SYSTEM file by clicking the VIEW icon of the left half of the program screen. DO NOT CLICK THE VIEW ICON on the right half of the screen until we become more advanced users of Winsite FTP client.

Once you the click the VIEW icon on the LEFT half of the program, NOTE PAD FOR WINDOWS automatically begins. You may begin modifying the LOCAL SYSTEM file.

When you have completed your work, SAVE the NOTEPAD file on your LOCAL SYSTEM. EXIT NOTEPAD and you should now see the Winsite FPT program screen. Pull your mouse down to the TASK BAR if you can't find it.

You are now ready to send your modified file on the LOCAL SYSTEM back to the REMOTE SYSTEM by clicking the RIGHT ARROW.

Then CLOSE the Winsite FTP program and enjoy viewing the new web page with your Internet browser.

A reminder that you must have at least one "index.html" file in your web site directory. The "index.html" file is the file read when your tilde account is accessed. For example, when someone types " ~runckl" the "index.html" file stored in the "~runckl" directory is seen on the web browser.