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We are the Churchill's of Lamberton, Minnesota.  Welcome to our home page.  We hope you enjoy our offerings.

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In her site, Winfred has attempted to keep an up-to-date list of web sites which might be useful to those who are looking for education information.  The list is categorized to some extent, but many sites cover more than one area.  If you are looking for a tutorial on the internet, books, suggestions for parents to use with their children in internet use, homework help, or graphics you can use on your own web pages, take a look at the offerings here.

Names 'N' More is Winifred's craft business. This page will tell you about some wonderful personalized gifts which have proven to be very popular with the many people who have already seen them.

Daniel works for Honeywell in St. Paul, MN as a computer programmer. His home page has links to friends and to the Red Rock Central High School Home Page. He continues to help with the many web pages hosted through Red Rock Central's Internet Service, as well as occasionally consulting on the maintenance of the school's Novell Netware Network, having been instrumental in the development of both areas.

Kathy is working as a Veterinary Technician at the Zumbrota Veterinary Clinic in Zumbrota, MN