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On this page you will find links to many of my favorite sites on the web. I hope you will find them useful.

 Also, you will find a link to my craft page, Names 'N' More.  Names 'N' More is the way I spend my spare time.  Everyone likes to see their name on something special. With this software, names and their meanings can be displayed in a variety of formats.

Search Engines:  If you use only a few, and learn to use them well, you will be able to find anything you want on the Internet without wasting precious time.  Below I've listed some of those available and tried to explain how they may best be used. Some of the most popular are meta-search engines--they search other search engines. You receive a list of links to various topics and must choose those that will answer your questions.  Meta-search engines are almost always the best place to start. They search all of the big search databases and give you a consolidated report of their findings. Here are a few:
    Google    this search engine is a particular favorite as it always seems to return results which are useful                   there are many family oriented links here               many places to go, but a really special area for kids (grandparents, parents, & the  nursery               crowd)--find a pen pal, play a game---just click on KIDS in the list on the first page      this has been around for a while, but is still a good choice

If you are interested in learning more about searching the web try this link:
It will provide you with a tutorial on all levels of searching from beginner through advanced.

Other search engines do specific things and some are not search engines, but directories.  Directories are databases maintained by real people rather than computer. They may be more intuitive because people tend to think alike, therefore, more likely to use the same key words that you would use.  Yahoo is an example of a popular directory.  The meta-search engines search these directories, and, in some cases, you can select which ones you would like them to search.
In addition to Yahoo, these may be useful to you:
    Northern Light   this is a relatively small search engine; it uses folders to narrow the search options
    Switchboard   this is a directory of phone numbers, addresses, both e-mail and mail, for indiviuals and businesses

 Use the help menu to learn how to do more complex or more accurate searches. The least efficient way to find a topic on the Internet is to browse. Only if you have plenty of time or no specific goal is browsing the way to go. Remember, when you search, the key words you use are important. Computers can only find what you want if your key words lead them to the right places. Use synonyms -- university AND college AND school;  and phrases (enclosed in quotes if you want the phrase rather than each individual word included in the search).

Now on to some sites I hope you may find helpful or just plain fun.

Education: Since I work in a high school, I would be remiss if I didn't include sites which teachers and students might find useful. Most of the Sites listed below are lists of  bookmarks to lesson plans and suggestions for using the material in a classroom situation. AskERIC's  Virtual Library contains a wealth of lesson plans, projects, resources. and ideas for you to use.   Jan Brett has a page that will appeal especially to Elementary Teachers, with alphabet letters, numbers and wonderful new pictures to accompany them. Learning Train is another site especially for Elementary Students and Teachers.  BlueWeb'N is the newest site here. There are complete lesson plans for many projects in every area of the curriculum.  4Teachers provides 'real classroom' experiences as well as many ideas for using technology in any area of the curriculum, and some step by step lesson plans for using technology in the classroom.

Clipart and Graphics:  Most of these images are available for you to use on your own personal pages, but you may not distribute or sell them or use them for commercial purposes without permission.
Jelane's Free Web Graphics
Barry's Clipart Links
Background Sampler
Clip Art Universe
Clip Art,Clip Art, and more Clip Art! 
3rd Shift Gifs

Food and Recipes:  Do you love to cook or just enjoy looking at someone else's creations? Here are some links to food preparation and recipes that are fun to visit.
The Fooddudes' 
Kraft Interactive Kitchen
Recipe Archive Index
Top Secret Recipes replicate foods you might find at your favorite fast food or restaurant, brand name treats or deli.

The All Recipes homepage opens to 13 different recipe areas. You can print recipes as 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 card sizes.

The Cook's Thesaurus suggests substitutions for thousands of cooking ingredients, including low-calorie and low-fat alternatives for dieters, inexpensive substitutes for gourmets on a budget, and innovative replacements for hard-to-find ethnic ingredients.

Just for Kids: In addition to the links available on the search engines above, here are a few places mostly for kids.

B.J.Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
The Cyber-Farm
Johns Word Search Puzzles

Elementary:  I have tried to include sites which teachers and students can use for extending classroom learning, finding report topics, or activities which enhance a topic.
Zoom School  Includes areas for learning about Geography, Science, Language Arts, Early Childhood--the Dinasaur section is especially wonderful.                The Learning Train is for parents, childcare providers, educators, and anyone else who is interested the well-being of children. It is directed at Early Childhood and Early Elementary learners. There are activities for alphabet and numbers, stories, seasonal activities, and more. 

Great Dinosaur Research: All you ever wanted to know about dinosaurs can be found in the following web sites.
Included is the Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt, tours of dinosaur museums The Dinosauria(this one is for the serious student), Dinosaurs Live On, Discovery Channel Online:Fossil Zone, The Rex Files. Sue-the largest most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever found. For fantastic pictures look toDinosaur Illustrations.

Garden and yard:

Internet Links:
Red Rock Community Network is my host site and has pages which reflect many areas of our School. Much of the site is maintained by students who also build and maintain web pages for community members.
Interesting Internet Links
Minnesota Internet Sites - is a list of sites from around the State of Minnesota. If you want to locate something pertaining to Minnesota, you may find it here.

Do you have a web site that you would like to see me add to this list? If so e-mail me at <> and give me the address. I will gladly consider any suggestions.

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