"Say it in Stone"

in Minnesota's Lake Superior area stone

Custom Engraving for all occasions

on rock, stone, ceramic and glass

Engravable Images

913 Granite Street

Cloquet, Minnesota


I. Power Words - $16.00 (S & H - $6.00)

Mini Size - $4.00 (S & H - $3.00)

A. Stock Words

Forever Love Courage
Laugh Smile Blessings
Hope Believe Dream
Simplify Serenity Whatever
Friend Peace Maybe
Create Together Why?
Understand Forgive

B. Custom

Choose your own word(s) and add $5.00 for each rock either size.

II. Sayings - $25.00 (S & H - $8.00)

A. Stock Sayings

There's a special place in heaven for the parents of four boys...

(choice of number and sex)

You can't steal second with your feet firmly planted on first.

Nothing here is carved in stone.

Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind...





B. Custom

Choose your own saying and add $10.00 for each stone.

III. Celebration Stones

A. Name and Date Stones - $25.00 (S & H - $8.00)

Great Gifts for weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries


Janice & Greg

November 8, 1997

Tiffani Marie


B. Custom Memories - $35.00 (S & H - $8.00)

Remember Baptisms, Communion, Confirmation, etc.

Jennifer Lynn


June 11, 1998

First Holy Communion




May 7, 1992

You can choose the layout and text. An image of either a 1) dove 2) cross 3) chalice will be added at no extra cost.

IV. Landscape Stones

These stones can be displayed in your rock garden or on your deck for an unusual touch.

A. Names - $60.00 (S & H - $25.00)

Choose one of these:
  1. The Crowleys
  2. Crowleys
  3. Crowley's
  4. Crowleys'
  5. If your name ends in "s" please contact us regarding a plural or plural possessive.

B. Pet Grave Markers - $35.00 (S & H - $20.00)




We miss you!



"Unconditional Love"

Images of the common breeds can be engraved for an extra $15.00.

C. Longer Sayings, Bible Verses - $60.00 (S & H - $25.00)


Love is patient

Love is kind


Choose you this day

whom you will serve;

As for me in my house

We will serve the LORD.

Or choose your own verse.

D. Other Garden Stones - $40.00 (S & H - $15.00)

1. Stock


Time began in a garden

Mom's Garden

Dad's Garden

Grandma's Garden

Grandpa's Garden

The Secret Garden

2. Your choice of text up to six words.

V. Engraved Glass Picture Frames

$35.00 (S & H - $6.00)

Send us a copy of a wedding invitation or verse of your choice and capture it in a memorable keepsake for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, births etc.

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