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Welcome to the Simpsons Quiz!  A variety    of questions from easy to hard.

Yay, I’ve finally found the full list of questions!  There are now 33 listed!  Sorry at the ones at the bottom don’t have pics, I’ll add some soon

Where do the Simpsons live?

Before Homer was promoted to safety inspector, what was  his job at the power plant?

What tv network do the Simpsons make fun out of?

What investment club does Marge get kicked out of?


What is the name of the drink that Homer invents?

Why are there no photos of Maggie in the Simpson house?

What school do Bart and Lisa attend?

What is the name of Mr Burns' assistant?


What is the name of Flander's shop?

What are the names of Flander's sons?

What is Homer's middle name?

What is Chief Inspector Wiggam's wife called?


Who does Lisa meet on the roof of the Kwiki-mart?

How does Bart get into a school for brainy kids?

What is Lisa’s middle name?  - Contributed by Joe Gardiner

What TV show did Bart recognize the Babysitter Bandit from?  - Mike Kwiatkowski

What is the name of the flying lizards that eat birds? -  Jacob

What band plays at Moe’s when it’s known as ‘Flaming Moe’s’?

Who did Lisa date for a while?

What is the neighbouring town to Springfield?

Who is the brainy kid in Bart’s class?

Who is Springfield’s legitimate doctor?

Who ventures into a strange 3d world?

Why did Homer agree to call Bart ‘Bart’?

How did Krusty’s daughter find him?

What is the name on Bart’s credit card?

What news does Homer force Ned to admit at church?

Who shot Mr Burns?

In what country did Bart cause America’s embassy to flee?

On the power plant team building day, who gets to the cabin first?

When prohibition is re-introduced to Springfield, who is the “Beer Baron”?

How does Homer get the booze to Moe’s?

What type of tree has been on the boundary of Springfield for generations?


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