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In order to do this mod you will need to have the following items:
1) A set of headlights
2) A set of angel eye LED rings or something close to it.
3) Epoxy or some kind of adhesive.
4) The following tools are just some of the ones that I used


I began by taking the light apart. I am not sure what GEN 1,2,4 headlights are like but with my GEN 3 the cover to the headlight is plastic welded to the light housing. To get the two pieces apart you have to remove four screws (2 on top and 2 on the bottom of the light housing). Next you have to find a way to get break the plastic welds. I just took my drill and found a bit that was close in size to the weld hole. If you chose to do this be careful not to drill in to far or at too much of an angle or you will drill into the rubber seal between the light housing and the light cover.



The light itself has some kind of coating on it. If the light was sealed tight the reflective surface should look like a mirror. DO NOT TOUCH THE SURFACE. The fingerprints are hard to remove. It is best to use compressed are or just blow anything of the surface from the sanding. If you use a cloth be careful not to press to hard or you will leave scratch marks on the surface.

You may need to place a flat screwdriver in the seam to help separate the light from the cover. Once you have the light separated take your angel eye LED and place it on the light. At this point the placement is up to you. I chose to place it so the reflector was in the center of the ring. I decided to place the open portion of the LED so it pointed up that way when you look at the light from in front of the car it would appear more like a circle. It is your choice as to where you place it, but you should keep in mind the more surface you have to adhere the LED to the better chance you have of it not breaking loose over time.


I took a black marker and gave myself some general points where the lip of the light would need to be removed. The LED will move somewhat while you make the marks so I wouldnít remove exactly what you mark. It is better to start inside the marks and remove the main portion, check with the LED, and if necessary remove more. I used a sharp pair of diagonal cutters to remove the main portion of the rim. To remove the rest and to make it flat I used a metal file to sand the rest. This will take some time but you want to get it as flat as possible.

Once you have gotten the mount points to your preference just used an epoxy or heavy glue. Whatever you use make sure to read its uses. You will want one that can stand up to heat and moisture just to be on the safe side. I used a two-part epoxy I got from Auto Zone commonly used to hold bumpers and side panels to vehicles. It was called Cold Weld made by Permatex. Cost around $4.00, and will give you much more than you will use. Sorry I didnít get a picture of the Cold Weld, but it comes in a black tube with yellow words on one and red words on the second tube.

The Cold Weld will set in around five minutes. I used a couple of books to ad some pressure to keep the LED from lifting. You should let the light sit for around sixteen hours to let the epoxy set up completely.

It will be up to you on how you want to run the wires for the LED out of the light. I opted to just punch a small hole in the seal for the light housing. I would recommend putting some silicone on the area where the wires pass through just to get a better seal.

I recommend testing the LEDís out before you install the headlights back on the car.

When reinstalling the headlights take care to route the LED wiring away from areas that are open and possible shorting hazards. Its best to hide the wire completely or have it somewhat accessible that way you can cover in loom and possible mark it so if you have a shop work on your car they wonít mess with it.

All you have to do now is decide how you want turn on the LEDís. I a have chosen to place a toggle switch in side the car and also splice the wiring into my alarm so I can control them with the remote.

I have note at this time installed the headlights on my car. I will be editing this post after I get some pictures of the car with them installed. Also I will be taking pictures of the four bolts you need to remove to take the headlight of the car.


Ok I got them softwired on the car. I went out last night to try and get some pics but it was hard to get them to show like how you would see them if you were standing there. These shots don't really do them justice. The nice thing is that while I was out in the parking lot getting some shots I started to gather a group of people ohhhing and ahhing at the lights. The honda drivers were all " that is awesome, thats soo sweet. Were did you get those?" I had three people ask me on the spot if I could make them some when I tild them that I had made them myself. That should go to show that they do look nice. Just a reminder the placement that I have these LED's do not obstruct the light pattern from the headlights. The other thing is that the blue LED's are not visible to the eye while the headlights are on, cause the light passes through the ring. I suggest that if you want the light from the LED to be visible with the headlights on you will have to put a mirror finnish of sorts to the rear and sides of the LED's ring.



~ FIN ~



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