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WELCOME to my home page!  Here you will find information about me and my family, links to my favorite sites, and pictures when I can get them to work!  Please stay tuned to this site as I'm sure there will be frequent changes!

Here is an aerial photo of our farmstead. The uppermost building is our house.   The largest red and white building is the machine storage shed. The top of the photo is east. Thanks to Elton and Sue Goeman, who took the picture and shared it with us. Photo was taken
December 13, 1998.



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Family Stats


My dear husband (DH) (or any other D word one cares to substitute depending on the mood) is the sole breadwinner for our clan.  Russ is a warehouse examiner employed with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.   He holds a second job raising corn and soybeans on our farm, located southwest of Lamberton.  Russell's hobbies include real and model trains, aviation, carpentry, antique tractors, and American history.  He graduated from South Dakota State University in 1987(BS) and 1989(M.Ed).


I am a stay-at-home-mom of three exceptionally beautiful children; Joel, age 8; Jamie, age 6; and Jack, age 2 1/2.  I enjoy doing crafts, including scrapbooking, quilting, cross-stitch, and crochet; reading; playing with my kids; cheering for the CUBS; and "computering".  I am proud to have been elected to the Red Rock Central Board of Education in 2000 and I presently serve as clerk of the board.  This web page is my new-found hobby.  I graduated from SDSU in 1992.


Joel is our 8-year-old son.  He is definitely becoming his own man.  His passions are construction equipment; farm implements; and computer games (in that order).  He is in second grade with Mrs. Vind at RRC Elementary in Jeffers.  He has recently discovered the Star Wars movies and likes them a lot!  He (along with million of other fans) can’t figure out why they are making Episode 3 last though… 


Jamie is our 6-year-old daughter, going on 15.  She is in all-day everyday K with Mrs. Paplow at RRC Elementary in Jeffers.  She loves it but it’s pretty easy for her which is not so good for Mrs. Paplow J.  Jamie would never admit it but she loves her brothers very much, especially when she can get them to do her dirty work.  Jamie’s a Barbie girl – anything pink has got to be good.   She is truly a tender soul and that's really what counts.


Baby Jack is the newest Derickson in the county, born in June 2002.   He’s not so much a baby anymore though.  He is growing up way too fast – he keeps us all busy making sure he’s not getting into anything!  He loves animals (especially Bob); M&Ms; coloring; Dora the Explorer; and Blue’s Clues.

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Hot List

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Contact Information

Email me!   I would love to get feedback from anyone who happens upon this site. Please drop me a line.

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Some photos!




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Here's a link to a special photo page of my cousin John's wedding.  Joel was the ringbearer!

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