American History
10th Grade

The first few weeks of the first quarter we concentrate on local history.
The first week of the quarter was spent on the Sioux Uprising at Lake Shetek.
The next two weeks of the quarter were spent on the Dakota Conflict.
We will finish this part of the year on a field trip to
The Lower Sioux Agency, Birch Coulee Battleground, and Fort Ridgely.
Students are expected to participate in building part of the virtual tour of this field trip.
A link to the virtual tour of area historic sites will be on the "Local Attractions Page" of RRCnet.
Around the first part of October we will begin our first unit in "Triumph of the American Nation".

The second quarter is spent going through the text.  We will spend nine weeks going over the
years from Reconstruction to the First World War. After going over the growth of industrialism,
and the rise of America as a world power we will view the video All's Quiet on the Western Front and
     Charlton Heston stars as Maj. Matt Lewis, the leader of an army of
     multinational soldiers who head to Peking during the infamous Boxer
     Rebellion of 1900. At the end of the 19th century, the powerful Manchus
     of the Ch'ing Dynasty were struggling to survive. The increasingly strong
     European presence in China had led to the formation of "The Righteous
     Harmony Fists", an organization of patriotic Chinese that Europeans came
     to nickname "The Boxers". Turning their cause into a religious crusade
     aimed at Christians, the Boxers grew in number over a two year period.
     The Chinese uprising, a frenzied movement of hate against all foreign
     elements, became a death trap for a small group of men, women and
     children from eleven foreign delegations taking refuge in a walled
     compound during the fierce 55 day siege of Peking. Their heroic stand
     against the fanatical hordes provides tense action as well as dramatic insight
     into the ferocious rebellion which stunned the turn-of-the-century world.
     As the film unfolds, the foreign embassies in Peking are being held in a grip
     of terror as the Boxers set about massacring Christians in an anti-Christian
     nationalistic fever.
This video will introduce us to the problems of modern society and  what challenges our
country faces today.

The second semester will deal with modern times.  We will begin the semester going over the
conditions that forced the United States into two wars. We will also look at the growth of
modern American society. The first nine weeks will be spent on the first fifty years of the 1900's.
We will start with WW I and end up with WW II. We hope to continue working on some
individual projects that will help us understand historical perspective.


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