Driver's Education
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Video Tapes
            Guest Speakers
    Blue Cards
BTW(behind the wheel)
White Cards
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Classroom policy


Instructor:  Mr. Keck
            I've been teaching in the Sanborn, Sanborn-Lamberton, and now the Red Rock Central school district for 19 years.  I graduated from Mankato State University with majors in Social Studies and Physical Education, a boys and girls Coaching certification and  a Driver's Education certification. I've been teaching driver's education, both the classroom and behind the wheel, for the past 17 years.

Classroom Policy:
            - Any student interferring with the learning of another student will be asked to leave.  Course completion will take place at a later date.

Course Description:
           - Driver's Education is a 1 semester, elective course.
           - The class will meet 3 days/week (Mon.Wed. and Fri.) opposite 9th grade Phy. Ed.
           - This coursewill provide the student with basic driving information to help prepare new drivers to qualify for a driver's license and assist all drivers in becoming safer, more responsible drivers.

Textbook:  Minnesota Driver's Manual published by the Dept. of Public Safety.  It is divided into 8 chapters.
                                            Ch.1  Getting your license to drive
                                           Ch.2  Your driving privileges and how to protect them
                                           Ch.3  Driving Habits, Driving Accidents
                                           Ch.4  Drugs, Drinking and Driving
                                           Ch.5  Traffic Signs, Signals and Road markings.
                                           Ch.6  Minnesota Traffic Laws
                                           Ch.7  Adjusting to driving conditions
                                           Ch.8  Vehicle safety and No-fault insurance requirements

Assignment:  Students should read a minimum of 5-6 pages per day in order to "stay ahead," as most of the course work is based on lecture and classroom discussion.  Students are encouraged to highlight in the manual, it is yours to keep, treat it like the Bible.

Grading:   -Grades are based on a percentage of the total points obtained on 15 quizzes,1 midterm exam (over about half the book) and a comprehensive final exam.
                   -Students are encouraged to keep a running total of points throughout the course so they know where they stand.
                   - The final coursegrade consists of the total points for quarter 1, quarter 2 and the final exam (usually about 775 points)

                   - Quizzes will be over the following pages
                                        Quiz 1  P. 7-17                                Quiz 2  P.18-25

                                        Quiz 3  P. 26-33                             Quiz 4  P. 34-42

                                        Quiz 5  P.  43-47                            Quiz 6  P. 48-57

                                        Quiz 7 P.  58-61                            Quiz 8  P.  62-77

                                        Quiz 9 P. 78-85                             Midterm P. 1-85

                                        Quiz 10 P. 86-97                           Quiz 11 P.  97-101

                                        Quiz 12 P.  102-109                      Quiz 13 P.  110-122

                                        Quiz 14 P.  123-131                      Quiz 15 P. 132-139

                                                                Final Exam - Entire Book

Video Tapes:
        There are a variety of video tapes which will be part of the curriculum, they include topics like railroad crossings, motorcycle helmet laws,seatbelts and airbags, alcohols' impact on driving, insurance, orange IQ(construction zones), inclement weather, schoolbus safety, young drivers-high risk years and semi truck safety.

Guest Speakers:
        - Highway Patrol- Trooper Kathy Pederson
        - An insurance agent - Don Wendel, Horace Mann Ins. Agency

Blue Cards:
        -The blue card is a card presented to each student upon successfully completing the classroom instruction.  It must be presented to the Examiners as proof of classroom completion when you take the written test.
        - Most RRC students will take their test in Windom or Redwood Falls.

                        *Test day and time:  Windom -  Monday only- 9:00-11:30 & 1:00-3:30 (no appointment necessary for written test)

                        *Test day and time:  Redwood Falls - Thursday only - 9:00-11:30 & 1:00- 3:30 (no appointment necessary)

      **** After passing the written test, 15 yr. olds may only practice driving with a licensed parent or guardian or an adult licensed driver who has the permission of the parent or guardian.  Students must also contact Mr. Keck so their name can be placed on the Behind the Wheel training list.

      **** Those students seeking a Farm Work Permit will have perferential treatment as they may take their skills test at age 15.
               Non-farm work permit students must wait 6 months from the time they pass their written test to take their skills test.

BTW(behind the wheel):

        BTW training is a 6 hr. courseconsisting of all the manuevers (and more) needed to pass the skills test.  They consist of.....

                - Pre-drive Equipment Demonstration- (student must explain how the equipment works)
                            seatbelts, brake pedal, emergency brake,headlights(high and low beam), hazard lights, wipers, defroster and fan, horn, mirrors and the student must also show the examiner proof of insurance.

                - Skill and Driving Performance- includes....
                            general control of the vehicle, right and left turns, proper lane positioning, backing manuever(between stakes), use of one-way streets, angle parking, backing from alleys into traffic, highway driving, parallel parking, parking(both up and down hill), posture, hand placement(9:00 & 3:00), use of stop lights,lane observation, right of way laws,intersection observation and speed use.

                - BTW training will begin April 1 and run until August 1.
                        Those students with birthdays in late July will receive training next April. ( contract Mr.Keck if there's a concern)

                - Each student will have 1 hour lessons with the last 2 hours combined so we can drive in Windom or Redwood Falls (wherever they plan on taking their skills test).

White Cards:

           Upon successful completion of BTW training a White Card  may be picked up at the RRC main office in Lamberton after paying the fee of $125 (subject to change).  This card, along with the instructional permit, must be presented to the Examiner before a skills test can be taken. DON'T LOSE EITHER OF THEM!!!

Test Times:  ( for the skills test)


              Windom - Test day is MONDAY - for an appointment call only on TUESDAY at (507)376-6551 between 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-3:30.

              Redwood Falls - Test day is THURSDAY - for an appointment call only on MONDAY at (507)537-7024 between 8:00-12:00 and 1:00- 4:00.