The Lower Sioux Indian Agency Warehouse

                (Postcard: Minnesota Historical Society)
    Here is a picture of the warehouse that was built in 1861. This is a stone building with a basement, this store also had bars in the windows, when it was first built. The bars were there so the Indians could not break in. This warehouse had many items in it like:


                           (Photo's by Petersen & Just / RRC during reconstruction 1999)
    On August 18, 1862 the Lower Sioux Agency was attacked by the Sioux Indians. There were many items Indians wanted in the warehouse, so they attacked. They couldn't get in through the door or windows because of the bars. The Indians went in through the roof of the building. At the time of the attack the agency was under the administration of Thomas J. Galbraith. After the attack of the Lower Agency they went on to the ferry bridge on the Minnesota River.

                                              (Minnesota Historical Society)
    The ferry is located at top of this map of the Lower Sioux Agency.  Look towards the bottom of the map you will find the place of the warehouse during the indian uprising.

                                    Created By:
                                           Brandi Petersen  &
                                               Gretchen Just
                                               at RRC, 1999