Koch Cabin Lake Shetek

                                                   Andrea's Koch and his wife Mariah Christina, settled
                                              and built this cabin in 1859 south of Bloody Lake.  The
                                              cabin was moved here from its original site in 1962.
                                               Andrea's Koch was killed by Dakota Indians on August
                                               20, 1862.  Mariah Koch fled with other settlers to the
                                              Wright cabin and later to a large wetland known to this day
                                                as Slaughter Slough, where Mrs. Koch was captured by
                                               the Dakota.  She escaped several days later with the
                                               young George Wright.

This well in Lake Shetek State Park is the site where Andrea's Koch
was shot in the back while getting the the Indians involved in the Sioux
Uprising some water.

This page was made possible by:  Jason Sykora,  Matt Robertson.

The pictures were taken by Jason Sykora, courtesy of lake Shetek State Park.   The information provided by Minnesota State Historical Society.