16 Breaking Ploughs, 16 inch steel
240 Cross Ploughs, 12 inch steel
144 Corn Ploughs, 10 inch steel
72 Corn Ploughs, 8 inch steel
244 Hoes, Garden, steel
350 Hoes, Planter’s, steel
175 Hoes, Prairie, steel
300 Snaths
250 Hay Forks
60 Shovels
100 Spades
3 Grain Cradles
25 sets Plough Harness
45 Ox Yokes
82 Ox Chains
12 Wheelbarrows
285 Bushels Seed Corn
30 Bushels Seed Wheat
3,690 Bushels Seed Potatoes
10 Bushels Seed Beans
10 Bushels Seed Peas
And proportionate quantities of Turnip, Rutabaga, Pumpkin, Squash, Beet, Onion, Tomato, Carrot, Parsnip, Cabbage and other garden seeds.
250 glazed window sash
48 doors
40 kegs nails
15 spikes
125 door locks and latches
175 butts
18 M pine lumber, assorted
300 hats
325 summer coats
600 pants
300 shirts
165 sacks coffee
400 pounds of tea
10 barrels salt
22 barrels sugar
50 casks dried apples
8 boxes candles
75 boxes soap
1 barrel vinegar
2 barrels molasses
2 barrels rice
4 barrels lard
1 barrel machine oil
28 tones iron
3 tons steel
1 set of Blacksmith’s and parts of 2 sets of Carpenter’s tools
a large quantity of:  Tubs, buckets, churns, hardware, queensware (dishes) and other household and kitchen furniture.

Boats in good order delivered all the foregoing goods at the Lower Agency.
Also purchased, partly in the autumn of 1861 and in the winter and spring of 1862:
79 yoke of oxen, 10 or 15 odd oxen to match the same number of single oxen in the hands of Farmer Indians.
And in the summer I purchased 47 cows and calves and 88 sheep and 4 horses.
During the winter the Lower Farmer Indians 12,000 rails and posts.
Most of the seed corn above mentioned, and some of the seed potatoes, were obtained from the Farmer Indians in exchange for good and provisions from the warehouse.

(information for The Lower Souix Agency)

                Created By Gretchen Just  &
                       Brandi Petersen