RRC is fortunate that a donor provided seven business class HP 4200 Laserjet Printers free of charge for use by the Red Rock Central School District.

The following are instructions to set up NETWORK PRINTING for these printers from the MICROSOFT SURFACE RT tablets that the District purchased for all RRC students and staff in August of 2013.

To setup HP4200LaserJet TCP/IP network printing on the Microsoft Surface RT, click on DESKTOP, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL, VIEW DEVICES/PRINTERS, ADD PRINTER, ADD TCP/IP, NEXT, (type in the IP address of the printer you wish to add, such as for the printer in Room 12 of the Lamberton building), NEXT, NEXT, (choose the driver "LASERJET 4200/4300 PCL 6 CLASS printer driver"). Then you may type in a name for the printer, such as ROOM 12 EAST printer or to identify the printer by IP address.

The following is a list of donated HP 4200 LaserJet printers and the IP addresses in Lamberton: = Room 12 WEST = Room 12 EAST = Mr. Jenniges computer lab = Mr. Jenniges computer lab - Brother 2170W print driver = High School Library = Room 23 computer lab = Lamberton Office = Room 11 North = Room 11 West (use HP 4100 driver instead) = Room 12 NORTH (use HP 9050N driver instead)


Also: setup homepage to www.rrcnet.org/default.shtml by going into desktop mode, start IE and type in www.rrcnet.org/default.shtml for your website; then click on the IE GEAR and click INTERET PROPERTIES and USE CURRENT to set this website as the start page in both DESKTOP and METRO modes.

attach insurance labels and write the teachers first 6 characters of their last name on the label.


JEFFERS: - Lab Printer 2170W (use Brother HL2170W driver) - Lab Printer MFC 5463 color - Maras Printer (use Brother HL2060 driver) - Flaig Printer (use Brother HL2060 driver) - Furth Printer (use Brother HL2060 driver) - Altermatt Printer (use Brother HL2060 driver) - Library Printer (use Brother HL2060 driver) - Olson Printer (use Brother HL2060 driver) - Younkin Printer (use Brother HL2060 driver) = OFFICE COPY MACHINE IP - Ryker printer (use Brother HL2060 driver)

172.18.50.??? = Jeffers Computer LAB (USE 4200 LaserJet printer) verify IP address with Mrs. Musegades before setup


If you wish to setup printing on a Windows XP computer, the instructions above are almost the same from the control panel of the XP computer. Select the driver "HP LaserJet 4000 series PCL 6 driver" when requested during setup.



load WINDOWS XP from Dell CD - use admin for the username and no password - set time zone to CENTRAL TIME

copy "computer lab setup files" from flash drive to the desktop

install Windows XP service pack 3

install NETWORK, VIDEO and AUDIO drivers

go to http://www.windowsupdate.microsoft.com


install MICRO TYPE MULTIMEDIA (do "full install" when requested)

install NOVELL (extract to C: drive & install)

install printer (TCP/IP instructions are above)

google MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIALS and download & install

set Internet Explorer start page to: http://www.rrcnet.org/default.shtml

install "Minnesota Secure Browser" for MCA testing

go to www.adobe.com and download READER, FLASH, AIR, and SHOCKWAVE