Alvin Gramstad's homepage

Hello, welcome to Al Gramstad's homepage!

You are now in Al gramstad's homepage. In this homepage I will try to tell you a little about who I am, what I do and what some of my interests are.

~About me~

My name is Alvin Gramstad. I was born on a farm in Franklin Minnesota. From there my family moved to Malard Iowa where I went to one year of highschool. Then we moved to Hardwick Minnesota then to Luverne. Then to Garretson South Dakota then to Slayton and finally to my home right now, Sanborn. As you see I have been to alot of places in my day, and have moved around alot.

~Most memoriable experience~

An event I remeber was in Hawii on vacation with my wife Lois and my sister and husband. We were watching some hula dancers in a show they were having. One hula dancer came down from the stage and picked me to dance with her up on the stage. How embarassing!

~About my family~

My parents names are Rasmus and Mable Gramstad. My father was born in Sandus Norway and came to this country on a ship Impress of Ireland in the early 1900's. My mother was born in Springfield. I have five kids. There names are Janet, Barb, Ron, Steve and Warren.

~Things I like to do~

  • walk
  • play on my computers
  • go to my cabin
  • fish
  • and just relax

    Thanks for visiting my webpage, hope you come