RRC Falcons Golf Picture Page

We will occasionally have Pictures from meets and practice so check back later to see what develops.


alisonapp.jpg (292817 bytes)

Allison Kircher's Approach shot

alysetee.jpg (391397 bytes)

Alyse Tees Off

amandapp.jpg (377747 bytes)

Amanda's Approach Shot

amandapp2.jpg (372289 bytes)

Amanda's Approach Shot

blakeputt.jpg (323964 bytes)

Blake Putts it in

blaketee.jpg (367162 bytes)

Blake Tees Off

caitputt.jpg (387049 bytes)

Caitlyn sinks a long putt

chrisputt.jpg (360382 bytes)

Chris Sinks one for Par

christee.jpg (440745 bytes)

Chris Tees Off

mattee.jpg (404088 bytes)

Matt Checks out his Tee shot

mattputt.jpg (344869 bytes)

Matt Puts it Close

matttee.jpg (400988 bytes)

Matt Lines up his shot

rogotee.jpg (291031 bytes)

George on the Tee

sarahputt.jpg (287615 bytes)

Sarah Lines up a Putt

sarahtee.jpg (375674 bytes)

Sarah Crushes a Drive

smittytee.jpg (394289 bytes)

Jordan Smith on the Tee Box

volmsputt.jpg (345794 bytes)

Jordan Vollmer lays it close to the hole

volmsputt2.jpg (310499 bytes)

And puts it in