Local Career & Technical Standards Development -Family and Consumer Science –090101 (Program Code)

Course:            Number _____________


Title:   World of Children (Child Development)








Standards covered in this class:


1.2: Demonstrate transferable and employability skills in community and workplace settings


4.1: Analyze career paths within early childhood, education and services


4.2: Utilize developmentally appropriate practices and other child development theories when planning for early childhood, education and services


4.3: Demonstrate integration of curriculum and instruction to meet children’s developmental needs and interests


4.4: Demonstrate a safe and healthy learning environment for children


4.5: Demonstrate techniques for positive collaborative relationships with children


4.6: Demonstrate professional practices and standards related to working with children


12.1: Analyze principles of human growth and development across the life span


12.2: Analyze conditions that influence human growth ad development


12.3: Analyze strategies that promote growth and development across the life span


15.1: Analyze roles and responsibilities of parenting


15.2: Evaluate parenting practices tat maximize human growth and development


15.3: Evaluate external support systems that provide services for parents


15.4: Analyze physical and emotional factors related to beginning the parenting process








Child Development




          Emotional and Social





          Emotional and Social





          Emotional and Social





  • Explore child development and learn about the characteristics of development
  • Identify the normal development of babies before birth and identify hazards that can interfere with normal development
  • Examine parent preparations for birth
  • Knowledge of process of childbirth and newborn care
  • Identify the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth of children up to school age
  • Write and advice column to a pregnant woman about healthy practices during pregnancy
  • Test on prenatal development
  • Write a report on a birth defect and share with class.
  • Create a timeline showing the development of a child in the first year of life
  • Describe and display appropriate meals, clothing and toys for toddlers
  • Plan preschool activities appropriate for preschool development areas

12.1, 12.2, 12.3, 15.2


Parenting and Care-givers

     Roles and responsibilities

     Parent practices



  • Identify good quality characteristics of parents and care givers
  • Analyze the difference between effective and ineffective methods of discpline
  • Examine appropriate food choices for children
  • Recognize activities for children that are nurturing and enhance development


  • Write an essay describing qualities of good parents or care givers
  • Evaluate and analyze case scenarios involving discipline methods used on children
  • Plan and prepare meals/ nutritious snacks for young children
  • Read a story to young children and an appropriate accompanying activity
  • Evaluate toys/games/activities for positive effects on children

12.3, 15.1, 15.2, 15.4


Children’s health and safety issues

  • Identify immunizations for children
  • Recognize symptoms of childhood illnesses
  • Recognize appropriate safety features in a home
  • Describe safety procedures to follow for:

            CPR and choking




  • Report on a childhood illness
  • Summarize a video on childproofing your home
  • Construct a time sheet for recommended childhood immunizations
  • Write a newspaper article on a children’s health issue
  • Demonstrate or describe how to do CPR and Heimlich on children.
  • Outline fire safety procedures and how to handle injuries or poison ingestion of children

12.2, 12.3, 15.1, 15.2 15.3


Working in a child care setting

  • Understand the qualities of a child care professional
  • Describe jobs/careers in child care
  • Explain why child care professionals observe and record children’s behavior
  • Describe methods for recording observations of young children
  • Chooses activities that advance physical and intellectual development
  • Understands how to support social and emotional development and provide positive guidance in a child care setting
  • Complete observations of children
  • List and describe the kinds of learing centers
  • Plan and draft a child care learning center development area.  Present plan to class and give advantages of this learning center to child development.  Include activities, supplies and equipment needed in the learning center.
  • List and rank qualities of child care professionals.  Justify with reasons
  • Plan, conduct, and evaluate physical, creative and social activities with children in preschool setting
  • Create a daily routine schedule for a preschooler
  • Role play effective techniques for communicating with young children
  • Fill out a job application for a child care professional to include a letter of application and resume.  Application process should preparing a portfolio showing activities developed in class

1.2, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 15.3