Local Career & Technical Standards Development -Family and Consumer Science –090101 (Program Code)

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Title: Teen Issues







The content areas of this class are largely determined by class members during the first two weeks of class and topic areas vary from class to class.  The information given in the standards areas of this class are possible areas that are most often dealt with and all will relate to how to deal with various teen issues from a teens perspective.


Possible standards covered in this class:

(depends on topics chosen by class members)


2.3: Analyze policies that support consumer rights and responsibilities


6.2: Demonstrate appreciation for diverse perspectives, needs, and characteristics of individuals and families


7.2: Analyze factors related to providing family and community services


7.4: Evaluate conditions affecting individuals and families with a variety of disadvantaging conditions


7.5: Identify services for individuals and families with a variety of disadvantaging conditions


12.3: Analyze principles of human growth and development across the life span


12.4: Analyze conditions that influence human growth and development


13.4: Evaluate effective conflict prevention and management techniques


13.6: Demonstrate standards that guide behavior in interpersonal relationships


14.1: Analyze factors that influence nutrition and wellness practices across the life span








  • Family relationships
  • Challenging youth issues
  • Future  choices
  • Managing resources
  • Health and fitness
  • World-wide issues that may affect teens
  • Personal and community violence issues
  • Media affects on teens
  • Understand the importance and impact of relationships
  • Become aware of factors that affect youth and how they can impact youth
  • Demonstrate an understanding of your future choices as a worker, consumer or family member
  • Understand the management of resources to meet goals and needs of young people and families
  • Demonstrate an understanding of food choices and fitness as an impact on individuals and society
  • Demonstrate an understanding of issues of culture, gender and socio-economic status within the United States or of other countries through analyzing the family structure, lifestyles and social norms
  • Empower youth to take leadership opportunities and to make positive decisions for peace, understanding and service to people who may be different than you in your family, school and community
  • Understand and evaluate what happens in the news as it affects families, careers and communities
  • Gain knowledge, skills and attitudes for positive teen years as a student, family member and friend that will positively affect your well being
  • List teen issues affecting teens today, categorize and rank for importance to individuals
  • Research a teen issue important to you and report to class
  • As a group, give a panel discussion of a chosen teen issue
  • Design a brochure to inform others of a teen issue
  • Evaluate other’s brochures on content of teen issue
  • Give both sides to a controversial teen issues
  • Evaluate videos and speakers on selected teen issues
  • Design and illustrated talk to inform others on a selected teen issue.  Must present current data and information to support viewpoints and issues of concern.
  • Suggest methods or techniques teens can use to address issues.
  • Write a research paper on a selected teen issue
  • Plan a group activity to teach the group about a selected teen issue topic

2.3, 6.2, 7.2, 7.4, 7.5, 12.2, 12.3, 13.4, 13.6, 14.1