Local Career & Technical Standards Development -Family and Consumer Science 090101 (Program Code)

Course: Number 72


Title : Creative Foods










Standards covered in this class:


3.5: Demonstrate skills needed for product development, testing, and presentation


8.1: Analyze career paths within the food production and food services industries


8.2: Demonstrate food safety and sanitation procedures


8.3: Demonstrate selecting, using, and maintaining food production equipment


8.4: Demonstrate planning menu items based on standardized recipes to meet customer needs


9.1: Analyze career paths within the food science, dietetics, and nutrition industries


9.2: Apply risk management procedures to food safety, food testing, and sanitation


9.3: Evaluate nutrition principles, food plans, preparation techniques, and specialized dietary plans


9.5: Demonstrate use of current technology in food product development and marketing


14.1: Analyze factors that influence nutrition and wellness practices across the life span


14.2: Evaluate the nutritional needs of individuals and families in relation to health and wellness across the life span


14.3: Demonstrate ability to acquire, handle, and use foods to meet nutrition and wellness needs of individuals and families across the life span


14.4: Evaluate factors that affect food safety, from production through consumption


14.5: Evaluate the impact of science and technology on food composition, safety and other issues










Food Choices

  • Complete a survey on foods in your lifestyle
  • Identify influences on food choices: Nutrition



Family and culture

Personal habits

  • Plan a menu from local grocery ads and trip to the grocery store (includes cost and availability)




  • Identify careers in the food and food service industries
  • Research careers in food and food service areas and identify advantages and disadvantages of those careers
  • Evaluate food careers to personal choices

8.1, 9.1



  • Identify role of Nutrients:

Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats



  • Identify dietary guidelines

Food guide pyramids

Life cycle

Life style

  • Plan daily food choices
  • Understand the food label

  • Oral report on nutrients to include RDA, foods to find nutrient, function of nutrient to the body
  • Plan daily menus for 3 different age groups. Include portion sizes and include guidelines from the food pyramid
  • Worksheets of food label interpretations

9.3, 14.1. 14.2, 14.3


Kitchen principles


Recipe knowledge


Equipment and utensils

  • Recognize kitchen safety skills
  • Demonstrate ability to use kitchen equipment in a safe and efficient manner
  • Understand recipe skills


Changing a recipe

Cooking terms

  • Cooking methods and techniques
  • Identify kitchen equipment
  • Understand concepts of microwave cookery
  • Understand concepts of conventional and convection ovens
  • Write kitchen safety rules from video
  • Worksheets on measuring, doubling and halving recipes
  • Double and halve recipes from cookbooks
  • Create a product from list of ingredients
  • Recipe identification by cooking methods, equipment and utensils needed
  • Pass a test on kitchen principles
  • Kitchen equipment identification

8.2,14.3, 14.4, 14.5


Food Preparation

  • Interpret and follow a recipe
  • Incorporate appropriate cooking techniques into the selected food products such as eggs, meats, casseroles, salads, convenience foods, breads, milk products and baked goods
  • Prepare foods in the lab using proper techniques and safe food handling practices
  • Recognize terms and cooking preparation concepts related to various foods prepared
  • Pass tests on categories of foods

8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 9.2, 14.3, 14.4


Meal management

  • Plan, prepare and serve a meal



  • Complete a project plan for the meal

Shopping list


  • Evaluation of product and group work

14.1, 14.2, 14.3, 14.4


Product Development

  • Understand the process to develop a new recipe including

Product research

Consumer likes and dislikes


Nutritional value

Appearance and appeal

  • Develop a new food product
  • Portfolio showing steps in product development

3.5, 9.2, 9.5, 14.5