Local Career & Technical Standards Development -Family and Consumer Science –090101 (Program Code)

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Title: Fantastic Fabrics








Standards covered in this class:


10.6: Demonstrate management of recreation, leisure, and other programs and events


11.3: Evaluate the use of housing and interior furnishing and products in meeting specific design needs


11.7: Demonstrate design ideas through visual presentation


16.1: Analyze career paths within the textiles and apparel design industry


16.2: Evaluate fiber and textiles materials


16.3: Demonstrate apparel and textiles design skills


16.4: Demonstrate skills needed to produce, alter, or repair textiles products and apparel










Color in your life

  • Describe how to use color to achieve a special look
  • Describe how color applications and finishes affect fabric care
  • Describe the concept of mixing and matching color for effects
  • Find examples of color schemes in catalogs and magazines in home furnishings
  • Furnish one room with a color scheme for furnishings and describe color concepts used




  • Identify the main elements of design
  • Describe how to use line, shape, space and texture effectively
  • Describe design elements and find examples design elements used in home furnishings in catalogs and magazines.



Fibers and fabrics

  • Describe fibers used in fabrics
  • Explain how fabrics are made
  • Explain factors that affect your choice of fabric
  • Find examples of woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics used in home furnishings



Sewing equipment

  • Identify parts and functions of the sewing machine
  • Understand use for different types of stitches on sewing machine
  • Identify quilting equipment and functions
  • Analyze problems with sewing equipment and how to correct it
  • Quizzes on equipment
  • Demonstration of correct use of sewing machine
  • Worksheets with sewing problems to analyze
  • Demonstrate techniques for stitching and finishing seams and trimming effects





  • Understand quilting pattern instructions
  • Understand concepts of machine quilting
  • Understand concepts of hand quilting
  • Understand concepts of appliqué
  • Understand concepts of quilt blocks
  • Sample quilt blocks using machine and hand quilting and appliqué
  • Worksheet on how to read envelopes and directions
  • Apply principles of color and design to construct a quilt by reading and using pattern directions and using quilting equipment correctly

10.6, 11.3, 11.7, 16.4


Fabric careers

  • Identify the interests and skills required for a career in clothing and textiles
  • Describe careers relating to fabrics and design
  • Research 3 careers relating to fabrics and design and write a one page report on each
  • Summarize field trip to fabric store on sewing machine use, techniques and choosing fabrics