$LifeSmarts Course Outline$

Graduation Standard: Personal/Family Resource Management
This course is designed to prepare students for consumer life after graduation.  Students will learn to balance time, energy, resources and money by the application of management skills.  Students will explore the financial facts of life that young adults need to know such as how to get the most value for your dollars or where to go when there is a problem or complaint.  Students will examine budgeting and cover the following topics:  Housing issues, credit, banking, insurance and other consumer issues.

Course Outline:
I. Personal Finance
    A.  Setting Goals
    B.  Alternatives for Saving Money
    C.  Bank Services - Shopping for a Bank
    D.  Budgeting
    E.  Buying a Car  (new, used, leasing)
    F.  Car Maintenance
        1.  General car maintenance
        2.  Insurance
    G.  Health Insurance
    H. Life Insurance
    I. Credit and Credit Cards
    J.  Stocks

II.  Health & Safety