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Recycling- Every member of our organization is responsible to collect paper and sort it from classrooms to be sent to Redwood County recycling.  Rather than going in the garbage, this paper is recycled for other use.  Recycling is one of the year-round services that our chapter does. There is a two-week rotation of four recycling groups. Each student has two rooms they are responsible for. The paper is sorted into one of three types: white paper, colored paper, and newspaper.

Halloween Haunted House- Each year the 7-9th graders set up a haunted house for the halloween party for children, at the Lamberton Legion.

Blood Drive-  In cooperation with the National Honor Society, our FCCLA hosts an annual school blood drive, usually in November or December.  The goal of this blood drive is to encourage first time donars to make this very valuable contribution.

Other Projects-Often we do community service projects in return for a donation to our organization. Projects include community clean up by washing windows, painting, or landscaping.

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