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 German Specialty Meat and Sausage Products

Deutschland Meats

141 South Main Street

Sanborn, MN 56083

Fax:  1-507-648-3381
E-mail deutsche@rrcnet.org

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Authentic family recipes made by a native German sausage maker, producer of quality German sausages.
All products are USDA approved and contain only an absolute minimum of fillers and preservatives.

Garlic Summer Sausage
(fully Cooked with fair amount of garlic)
New Ulm Style Summer Sausage
(mild, fully cooked, without garlic)
Regular Summer Sausage
(fully cooked with a little garlic)
All Beef Summer Sausage
(fully cooked with a little garlic)
Braunschweiger Gourmet Liver Sausage
Smoked Liver Sausage
(natural casing smoked)
Ring Liver Sausage
(fully cooked)
(bologna with ham pieces)
(lunchmeat coarse)
Lyoner Bologna
(fine ground bologna)
Lyoner Bologna Swiss
(with Swiss cheese)
Lyoner Bologna Mushroom
(with mushrooms)
Lyoner Bologna Olive
(with olives)
Cooked Bratwurst
(mild bratwurst, fully cooked)
Cooked Bratwurst Patties
(mild bratwurst, fully cooked)
Nuerneberger Style Bratwurst
(small, fully cooked bratwurst)
Smoked Bratwurst
Fresh Bratwurst
(thueringer style, uncooked bratwurst)
(fine ring bologna)
Coarse Ring Bologna
(coarse ground bologna)
Polish Sausage Krakow Style
(krakauer im ring)
(fine ground sausage)
Grill Sausage
(mild sausage with chives)
Veal Bratwurst
(fine all veal bratwurst)
Old Fashioned Wieners
(coarse ground wiener)
All Beef Wieners
(fine ground, all beef)
Blood Sausage
(blutwurst im naturdarm)
Breakfast Sausage
(raw as: links, patties or bulk)
Potato Sausage
(raw sausage with potatoes in it)
(spicy mexican pork  sausage)
(good seasoned, cooked sausage in a ring)
Dinner Sausage Rings
(tasty ring or link Sausage smoked & cooked)
Dinner Sausage Links
Old Fashioned Franks
(coarse groung, larger diameter)
Whole Smoked Ham
(bone in product with natural smoke)
Semi Boneless Ham
(semi boneless, naturally smoked)
Ham Steaks
(semi boneless ham cut into slices)
Breakfast Ham
(formed and pressed ham,seasoned)
Formed Ham
(larger diameter ham pressed and formed)
Black Forest Ham
(schwarzwaelder schinken)
(leberkaese in 1lb., 2lb., 5lb. formes)
Beef Jerky
Beef Sticks Beef Sticks Hot Smoked Beef
(like dried beef sliced)
Marinated Pork Chops
(seasoned and cooked pork chops)
Smoked Pork Chops
(cured, smoked and fully cooked)
Smoked Pork Hocks
(gerauecherte schweinshaxe)
(cooked pork loin)

We also carry:

Canadian Bacon
Cottage Bacon
Veal Bacon
Polish Sausage Links
Black Forst Style
Pork Prime Rib

Other products and fresh meats
are avaiable, please call for items
and prices, since the prices on 
fresh steaks and pork change
almost daily.


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