Disability Plan 

Disability Compensation. Monthly compensation is paid to veterans for disabilities incurred in aggravated by military service, the amount of which is based upon the severity of the disability.  Increased benefits are available for veterans with families who are rated as 30% disability may be available for a spouse who needs the aid and attendance of another person with the normal activities of daily living. There is no time limit within which to apply for this benefit.  If you believe that you have a service connected disability or if you feel that your service  disability has become worse, contact your County Veterans Affairs. 
Disability Pension This pension is paid to veterans whop have had war time active duty military service, who have limited income and who are permanently and totally disabled for reasons not directly related to there military service.  Additional benefits are payable to veterans who are permanently housebound or who are in need of the aid and attendance of another person to perform the daily activities of living.