Cottonwood County

Sheriff Bob Haken
 Deputy Sheriff Jason Purrington
 Deputy Sheriff Jim Jorgensen
 Deputy Sheriff Eric Haken
 Deputy Sheriff Jeff LaCanne
 Deputy Sheriff Tim Evers
 Deputy Sheriff Mark Marcy

In the United States, there are 3,102 sheriffs.  All are elected except for 11 of them.  Minnesota is divided into 87  with 87 sheriffs.  The sheriff of a county is designated by law as a chief law enforcement officer of that county.  Unlike other officers, the sheriff has no regular hours.  He and his deputies are available day and night, seven days a week, in case of any type of emergency.

The investigation field requires the greatest amount of the department's time and knowledge.  Arrests are also made on warrants issued by various sorts either with Cottonwood County or from other counties.

The department patrols all county and township roads to enforce traffic laws.  All accidents involving personal injuries, fatalities or damage of $1,000.00 must be reported to the state department of Public Safety and such reports are forwarded after an investigation is completed.  If any legal action results from an accident, the investigation officer can be called to appear as a witness regarding information in the report.

All civil paper service is done through the Sheriff's Department.  Legal Documents to be served on individuals residing in Cottonwood County can come from attorney's and/or citizens anywhere within the U.S.  The papers are documented in a daily record book, served on individuals and returned to the originating office along with a bill for services.  Also, executions on the judgment received from district court are processed with an attempt to collect money due or property of the debtor can be seized and sold at a sheriff's auction.

The sheriff's department's miscellaneous duties include such duties as the transportation of mental, juvenile or alcoholic persons whom the court sends to various institutions within the state; delivering various messages to individuals within the county; and disposing of minor citizens' complaints and questions that arise daily.  The Sheriff is an officer of the District Court and as such is responsible for maintaining order within the court itself.  He has charge of appointing bailiffs who assist with juries and perform whatever duties the court might require.

The Sheriff is the administrator of the department in that he oversees all duties of personnel, prepares an annual budget, attends County Commissioner meetings when necessary and serves on special committees.  The sheriff also belongs to the National and Minnesota Sheriffs' Association, and serves on other boards within the area.

In order to qualify for law enforcement consideration, an individual must have a minimum of two years of law enforcement training at a vocational school or four year degree from a state university prior to application.  After meeting these education requirements, the individual hired must pass the Minnesota Post Board Exam before he/she is licensed.  This licensing is for a three year period during which additional education and training is required.

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