Cottonwood County Judge Gross 

fax 507 - 831 - 4958  

     Judge Gross was born on January 10th, 1946 in Brainerd, Minnesota. He has been judge in Windom since July 31, 1989. He was appointed by Gov. Rudy Perpich.   Judge Gross told us that he has to run for six year terms there after.
His favorite part about being judge is that he gets to decide legal issues and resolving controversies.
    He said that, "You must live in the district to become a judge of that county."

    Judge Gross lives in the 5th Judicial District which is made up of 15 counties.

    Judge Gross said, "In order to be Judge you must be open minded and give parties a full opportunity to present their case and you must be fair. " He also mentioned that his main duties of being  judge are to preside over hearings, trials, proceedings, and make decisions to complete cases.

    Judges can try many cases a week or sometimes they have one long trial.  In order to be a judge you must first be an attorney in the state in which you wish to preside.


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