Veteran Health Care Service 

Medical Care. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA) operates Medical Centers across the United States. Veterans are eligible for treatment at any facility, anywhere, not solely in his or her home state. Eligibility for treatment at a USDVA Medical Center is determined by the USDVA. Special consideration is afforded veterans, such as former prisoners of war. If you are interested in treatment at a USDVA facility, you can make application either directly to that facility or your County Veterans Service Officer can assist with your application. Once the USDVA receives your care are urged to seek such care at the NEAREST medical facility, whether or not it is a veterans medical center.  Once stabilized, veterans can request transfer to a USDVA medical center. The United State Department of Veterans Affairs offers a very wide range of medical services, much too extensive to list here. For further information or to request admission or treatment, contact your County Veterans Service Officer or the nearest United States Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Telephone numbers and addresses of these facilities are found in the reference section of this publication. Benefit Page

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