WORKING THE WONDERS OF MINNESOTA If your children participate in 4-H or if you've had a horticultural question answered by one of our Master Gardeners, you already know something about the University of Minnesota Service -- but there's a whole lot more to know. Form almost 100 years, the University of Minnesota has been providing practical solutions to the real life problems of Minnesotans.

The University of MInnesota Extension Services is the outreach arm of the University with offices in every county of the state. Though you might never have contacted your County Extension Educator, the University of Minnesota Extension Service has been at work in your community for many years -- working closely with individuals, organizations and agencies to put the University research and resources to work for you.

Whether you need fast response to a local emergency, research based educational services, or help with developing long-term solutions to bigger problems, the University of Minnesota Extension Service responds to a wide range of individual and community needs:" Is there a way to reduce teen crime?" "How do I get rid of insects on my roses?" "What's the best diet for breeding sows?" "How can we increase volunteerism in our community?" "What's the safest way to preserve tomatoes?" "How do I maximize my soybean output?" "How can we help small businesses to survive and thrive?" "What should we say to our children about divorce?" "How can we save this river?" "What should I feed my family on a limited budget? "The answers to these and thousands of other questions are available through the University of Minnesota Extension Service.

For help with specific issues, contact your local County Extension Educator.  (Check your local directory, or call 1-800-367-5363 for the number of your County Extension Office) For instant access to a wide variety of practical information, we invite you to see one of the following Extension services:

Info-U Our free 24-hour consumer dial-in service provides answers to questions about everything from parenting and pets to small acreage farms and water quality. (612-624-2200 in the metro area, 1-800525-8636 in other participating counties.) Visit the University of Minnesota Extension Service home page to have instant access to most recent Extension publications, newsletters, audio scripts and news releases.

Yard and Garden Line  Call 612-624-4771 (metro) or 1-888-624-4771 (toll-free, state-wide) for advice on gardening, landscape, insects, plant disease, wildlife, and water quality. Talk to a Master Gardener, consult an expert at the "U" or listen to taped messages.


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