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    Hi everyone!  I'm Kathleen Churchill.  I live on a farm west of Lamberton.  I am a recent graduate of Red Rock Central High School! Red Rock Central consists of four towns Sanborn, Lamberton, Storden and Jeffers.   I have two brothers and two sisters.  I'm the youngest of my family.  I also have three nephews and three nieces.  My parents are Chet and Winifred.
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     I work at the Cactus Bar and Grill in Revere.  I became a waitress there this year.  It's a great place to eat.  Come on in sometime.  When I'm not working I like to go out with my friends, go to the movies, spend time with my nephews and nieces, go camping and swimming, ride three-wheeler, and go to Falcon sporting events.


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This fall I'm going to college at Ridgewater in Willmar.  I'm taking a two year course to become a veterinary technician.  A vet tech is a highly trained paraprofessional who complements a veterinary medical team within private practice, research, industry and government.  I really enjoy working with animals and I am looking forward to working in this field!  I am completing my first year as a vet tech student.  Here is a web page which I have completed for one of my classes.

Wildlife Conservation

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