School Board Minutes

Red Rock Central District No. 2884

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The Truth in Taxation meeting of the Board of Education, District No. 2884, was held in the Board Room in Lamberton on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 because of bad weather on the scheduled evening of December 20, 2010.  Members present were:  Bierl, Clarke, Johnson, Kelsey, Rogotzke and Westerman.  Stavnes was tardy.  Superintendent Brennan, Principal Olson, and Joe Dietl were also in attendance.


Chairman Kelsey called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Board Member Stavnes joined the meeting.


The Board discussed property taxes and reviewed a handout provided by Superintendent Brennan.  After discussion, the Board moved into their regular meeting.


Upon motion of Rogotzke, seconded by Johnson and unanimously carried, to approve the agenda, the minutes of the November 9, 2010 meeting and the treasurer’s report.


Board Members Johnson and Kelsey along with Superintendent Brennan updated the Board on a meeting they attended in Windom with area schools and their Boards.


The Board reviewed Lead Teacher Riley’s report:  Title I teacher, Sheila Ryker, had the annual Title I meeting for students and parents on November 16th.  The students played in the gym with adult supervision while the parents met with Miss Ryker.  She gave them important information about the Title I program.  After the meeting the parents and their children came together to play Turkey Bingo.  Nineteen parents and 28 students attended.  Our Christmas program was on December 6th.  This year the theme was “A Holiday of Music.”  Every chair was filled and the bleachers were full as well, so this program was well attended.  Our library is painted and looks very nice.  They are now working on getting the new shelves in place.  On December 22nd Santa will be coming to the Jeffers site to visit the preschoolers through 2nd graders.  At noon we will all be meeting in the gym to do some caroling under the direction of Mrs. Dammann.  We will be dismissing our students at 12:30 and our Christmas break begins.  Look for some creative Christmas writings from our students in the Lamberton News.  The classrooms have been doing art projects with a Christmas theme also.  These are displayed throughout the building.  Soon it will be 2011 and as I reflect on the past year I feel very fortunate for all the hard-working and caring staff we have at the Jeffers site.  It’s so obvious that they want what’s best for our students and they strive daily to meet their goals for their students.  I’m proud of the entire staff whether they be teachers, paras, our secretaries, custodians, cooks, or volunteers.  I want to thank Dr. Brennan for his leadership and for being someone I can confide in as the Lead Teacher.


Principal Olson reported the following:  The Winter Concert was a very nice event and the decorations were outstanding.  Thank you to Erv and Lorna Runck.  One-Act play practice has begun with Mrs. Wilmes again doing this for us.  Second semester scheduling is near finalization.  The Student Council sponsored a Lyceum called “Dare to Move”.  It is a big screen presentation about motivation, building relationships, standing up to bullying, etc.  Mr. G and I attended a short meeting with the Redwood County Attorney on proper procedures for filing truancy notices.  It is good every once in a while to review these policies.  We have been able to shift some periods around to keep classes meeting with all the interruptions with the weather.  For example last Thursday with the late start we had periods 1-4-2-6-7.



                                                                Page 2 – December 21, 2010


Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Rogotzke and unanimously carried, to pay claims in the amount of $53,737.54.  Receipts were $130,674.56.


Upon motion of Rogotzke, seconded by Westerman and unanimously carried to certify the 2010 payable 2011 levy at $852,424.54.


Upon motion of Rogotzke and seconded by Clarke to approve the hiring of Cheryl Van Meveren as assistant cook in the high school and Barbara Johnson as part-time junior high girls’ basketball coach.  Voting yes: 6; voting no: 1.  Motion carried.


Upon motion of Johnson, seconded by Clarke and unanimously carried, to acknowledge that each year Red Rock Central receives E-rate (federal) funding in order to help cover the cost of our students having access to the Internet in both buildings.  In receiving these funds we, as a District, (and all U.S. public schools) agree to protect our students from “harmful Internet content” as defined by the Federal Government via a law named the “Children’s Internet Protection Act”.  RRC does filter out harmful Internet content via our agreement with our access provider which is Trillion and the Southwest/West Central Service Coop. in Marshall.  With Board agreement we consider this agenda item does cover Public Notice and we’ll conduct this meeting yearly at this time.  A copy of the posting of this agenda to give the public advanced notice that they may contribute to the discussion of the Internet Access Use Policy and ask questions, the agenda itself and the minutes of this meeting will be kept on hand for five (5) years in order to verify that we did discuss this issue at a public meeting.  A copy of the posting, the agenda and minutes will also be sent to SW/WC Service Coop for their records as well.


Upon motion of Johnson, seconded by Rogotzke and unanimously carried, to change the following Board meeting dates, because of National holidays, from January 17th to January 10th and February 21st to February 22nd. 


Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Stavnes and unanimously carried, to award the carpet bid including both Lamberton and Jeffers buildings, to Bittner Flooring at an estimated cost of $6,172.60.


Upon motion of Rogotzke, seconded by Westerman and unanimously carried, to approve a short-term 2-year loan through Mills Resolute Bank in Sanborn for $200,000 at 2.85% interest due to our fiscal situation.


The Board would like to thank and commend Valerie Halter and her son Sam, and Randy Tordsen who gave of their time to paint the elementary library. 


Chairman Kelsey, representing the Board, presented Judy Westerman with a plaque and thanked her for her years of service on the Red Rock Central Board of Education.


The Board discussed Superintendent Brennan’s meeting with FEMA.


Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Johnson and unanimously carried, to adjourn at 7:42 p.m.



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Alan J. Clarke, Clerk                                                                         Denise Clarke, Recorder