School Board Minutes

Red Rock Central District No. 2884

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education, District No. 2884, was held on Tuesday, October 19, 2010.  Members present were:  Bierl, Clarke, Johnson, Rogotzke, Stavnes, and Westerman.  Kelsey was tardy.  Superintendent Brennan, Principal Olson, Lead Teacher Riley, Denise Clarke, and Joe Dietl were also in attendance. 


Vice-Chair Rogotzke called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Upon motion of Clarke and seconded by Westerman, to approve the agenda, the minutes of the September 20, 2010 meeting, and the treasurer’s report.  Voting yes:  6.  Voting no:  None.  Absent:  1.  Motion carried.


Lead Teacher Riley reported the following:  October is always a busy month at the Jeffers site.  The week of October 4-8 we observed the annual Fire Prevention Week.  Many of the teachers talked about the importance of fire prevention and did activities in their classrooms throughout the week.  The preschool – 1st graders took turns walking to the Jeffers Fire Hall to see the trucks and other equipment fire fighters use.  Mark Jones spoke with our students and answered any questions they may have had.  Tom Vold sent over activity booklets and pencils for our students.  We appreciate these two volunteer firemen for their help in observing this very important week.  On October 13th our kindergartners went on a field trip to see the Poppe Pumpkin Patch in Lakefield.  They went with other kindergarten students from Wabasso, Walnut Grove, and Milroy who are in our integration collaborative.  Also on October 13th, our 4th and 5th graders had a lyceum sponsored by the Sons of Norway.  Lavern Christianson came dressed in Viking attire.  He portrayed the last Viking King of Norway.  At the end of his presentation, a teacher reference bag was given to our school which included a research DVD about Norway culture, history and traditions in a powerpoint presentation, and a DVD copy of the Last Viking King drama presentation from a previous performance.  Vision and hearing screening was October 18th and also October 25th.  Sue Huls, along with some local volunteers, are doing these screenings.  Today the 1st and 2nd graders headed to Walnut Grove and the 3rd and 4th graders went to Wabasso for our first Integration Day this year.  October 20th is our annual Grandparent’s Day.  The children will present a program beginning at 1:45 in the gym.  Then their grandparents are invited to visit the classrooms of their grandchildren and enjoy refreshments.  This event is always so very important to our students.  We continue to ask that parents and their preschoolers not attend and to please remember this day is set aside for grandparents.  On October 29th, we will be having a masquerade ball in our gym for our students.  They can wear costumes if they wish and participate in doing the limbo, hokey-pokey, chicken dance, etc.  NWEA fall testing has been completed at the Jeffers site for K-5th grades.  The results of these tests will be given to the parents during conferences in November.  We thank Sheila Ryker, Sharon Musegades, and Leonard Runck for the scheduling, monitoring, and organizing of these tests.  November 5th is already the end of the first quarter.  Conferences will be held November 11th from 4:00-10:00 p.m.  Information about these conferences will be sent home as we get closer to that date.  Mrs. Pederson, our librarian, has recently informed me that starting next Monday, our students will be able to check out books for the first time this school year.  Our library is not open yet, but at least now we have some books ready that our students will be able to use.


Principal Olson reported the following:  Mr. Dammann reports that he has roughly 55 members in FFA.  Some of the members and Mr. Dammann will be attending the National FFA convention.  They share this trip with many neighboring chapters.  Twelve FFA members were out on a very successful corn drive last week.  We hosted a lyceum that was underwritten by the “Sons of Norway” Windom chapter last week.  A retired teacher from the Windom district gives a

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narrative of King Harroldson – the last king of Norway.  Mid-quarter has come and gone.  Grades seemed to be a bit better than last year at this time.  Homecoming week went well.  Fun to have some extra activities for the students.  Our sports teams will be headed to the tournaments soon.  The football team will host a first and possibly a second round game here at Lamberton.  We completed our fall tornado drill and an evacuation and a lock down drill.  We also found a nice day for one more fire drill.  We have added 3 students in the last month or so.


Upon motion of Clarke and seconded by Johnson, to pay claims in the amount of $65,969.90.  Receipts were $747,081.17.  Voting yes:  6.  Voting no:  None.  Absent:  1.  Motion carried.


Chairman Kelsey arrived at the meeting at 7:42 p.m.


Upon motion of Rogotzke, seconded by Clarke and unanimously carried, to pay the additional $3,100 to Yellow Medicine East for removal of the boiler from their school.


Upon motion of Johnson, seconded by Westerman and unanimously carried, to authorize the Superintendent to proceed as necessary with the repairs in the Jeffers boiler room and to report back to the Board of any unforeseen issues.


Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Bierl and unanimously carried, to approve the Superintendent’s actions to date regarding the mold clean-up in the Jeffers building, which include:  Conducting an air evaluation, testing and writing a remediation plan at a cost of $1,075; hiring Service Master to do the clean-up at a cost not to exceed $12,710.73; Leon Benedict will pour a cement floor which will be covered with carpet and will rebuild the ramp.


Upon motion of Stavnes, seconded by Rogotzke and unanimously carried, to set the meeting to Canvass Votes and the next regular monthly board meeting on November 9, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. in Jeffers.


Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Johnson and unanimously carried, to lease a bus from Full Warranty Bus Leasing for $1,075 per month for the 2010-2011 school year.


Upon motion of Rogotzke, seconded by Johnson and unanimously carried, to approve the hiring of Janiece Huls as a part-time custodian in the Jeffers building.


Discussion was held regarding the boiler in the Jeffers building, the mold problem in the library, the upcoming referendum, and gate prices for sports events.


Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Rogotzke and unanimously carried, to adjourn at 8:26 p.m.



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Alan J. Clarke, Clerk                                                         Denise Clarke, Recorder