School Board Minutes

Red Rock Central District No. 2884

Monday, March 21, 2016


The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education, District No. 2884, was held in the Board Room in Lamberton on March 21, 2016.  Members present were:  Bierl, Clarke, Hansen, Kelsey, Rasmussen, Rogotzke, and Stavnes.  Others in attendance:  Superintendent Olson, Principal Goetstouwers, and Lead Teacher Altermatt.


Chairman Rogotzke called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Upon motion of Rasmussen, seconded by Kelsey and unanimously carried to approve the agenda, the February 23, 2016 minutes and the treasurer’s report as presented.


Lead Teacher Altermatt reported the following:  Jill Pederson will continue to be gone until March 29th.  Water Festival in Mankato – March 9th – 880 students from 17 schools from 3 counties (Nicollet, Cottonwood, and Brown).  Students attended many sessions about water which included learning about glaciers, exploring an example of a septic system, creating bracelets from dice and beads to simulate the movement of water within the water cycle.  In addition, the Science Museum of MN was there to present information about water and the water cycle.  Students explored an exhibit room where they enjoyed a variety of games and activities about water.  Pictures with Lifetouch were March 2nd.  Had difficulties and was delayed for a couple of hours.  Fire Drills – we had a scheduled one on the 14th of March, which went well.  On the 15th before school, the alarms went off.  We exited until called back in.  It was the photo detector in the kitchen.  It optically detects smoke or dust.  Nothing was found.  Color Contest for St. Patrick’s Day.  One boy and one girl from each class:  Preschool – Quintin Willhite and Josie Timm; Kindergarten – Aron VanMeveren and Allison Schoer; 1st – Morgan Hubert, Grant Kronback and Sophie Paplow; 2nd – Brooke Timm, Carter Therkilsen, Mikayla Weise and Brekken Determan; 3rd – Travis Rogers and Rachel Jeong; 4th – Eva Redman, Gavin Willardson, Reagan Carter and Ashton Holman.  Caught Being Good – Addison Irlbeck, Camryn Therkilsen, Quintyn Vold, Jack Grant, Morgan Hubert, Jake Erickson and Rachel Jeong.  A lyceum on bullying was held March 11th.  It was a magic show with Kelvin Saline.  The 3rd and 4th graders participated in a Godfather’s incentive program for reading.  Thirty seven 3rd and 4th grade students enjoyed pizza on March 17th.  These students met their reading goal 4 out of 5 months.  The winners of Caught Reading a Book during the month of February were 1st grade – Camryn T and Morgan Hubert, 2nd grade – Jake Erickson and Jack Grant, 3rd grade – Rachel Jeong, 4th grade – Quintyn Vold and Addison Irlbeck.


Principal Goetstouwers reported the following:  Winter sports – Wrestling:  State consolation runner-up; Girls’ Basketball:  South sub-section runner-up; Both wrestling and girls’ basketball were Gold Academic Award winners.  Large Group Contest – Band:  3 superiors (38,39,40) and invited to apply to perform for Music Educators Convention February 2017; Choir:  3 superiors (36,36,38).  ACT Prep in Marshall March 8th – 27 out of 28 juniors attended.  Mrs. Larson taught math to roughly 120 students that day – Good feedback!  Knowledge Bowl – 2 teams advanced to Regions (12th and 15th).  Brakken Bierl, Cody Coulter, Ryan Determan, Reid Goeman, Payton Vold and Jamie Derickson, Devon Evans, Dani Wacker, Logan Pankonin, Kegan Zimmermann.  Results of regions were 22nd and 24th.  Red Rock Central Honor Society Induction March 14th at 7 pm in the cafeteria.  New members:  Cody Coulter, Laura Kastner, Jamie Derickson, Ramsey Piotter, Maddie Einck, Logan Pankonin, Mikayla Myers, and Kegan Zimmermann.  K-8 spring pictures with Lifetouch – technical difficulties and concerns with quality and price.  We will not have spring pictures next year.  Already committed with Lifetouch for fall school pictures, but

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we are exploring other options for the future.  Spring play “Lagooned” was on March 11 and 12.  Giving away old trophies, sewing tables and machines, 1960’s emergency containers – FCCLA (Ms. Zarrett), contact the program’s advisor or Mr. Goetstouwers if interested.  Will keep trophies for one month (until April Board meeting) for anyone to take.  Sewing tables, machines and containers accessible for next 2 weeks only.  Items will be disposed of after these timeframes.  Commencement lineup – All students will line up alphabetical, Valedictorian/Salutatorian will continue to give speeches during commencement, Gold Cords continue to be given to students with cumulative GPA of 3.67 and above, White Cords continue to be given to students with cumulative GPA of 3.00 and above, RRC Honor Society students will continue to wear stoles.  Upcoming events:  FFA Advisory Committee meeting tomorrow, Senior Trip parents’ meeting tomorrow (March 30 – April 3), Prom is April 9th, MCA testing starts tomorrow, 6th grade Circus and History Center trip on April 1st, 9th grade Boys’ and Girls’ County Day on April 5th.


Superintendent Olson reported the following:  Shall we sell the current playground (just the main piece) to the City of Jeffers?  Original cost was approx. $25,000 – ask $10,000.  The swings etc. could/should be moved to our playground, not sure what to do with the wooden structure.  If we keep the current playground – may cost $8-9,000 to move it.  A new playground system with us doing some of the work would be $28,000 - $35,000.  I recommend the engineered wood for a base (will have to dig out for this 12”).  Also, we have a fence to build at least 2 sides.  We may have extra of this around.  SW/WC refund of $20,806.85 (we could use this money for the playground).  Locker Room proposal – The Coaches and Athletic Director would like permission to renovate the locker rooms.  They will through find raisers be able to contribute at least ½ of the cost which could be close to $40,000. ELL Workshop for staff after school March 22nd – 30 teachers @ $150 total cost.  New storage space idea – not attached, 14 x 34 @ $11,900 plus cement.  Gym curtain - $7,000 installed.  Any more concern about the Wrestling tournament day?  We will have 1083 hours and we need a minimum of 1020.


Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Hansen and unanimously carried, to approve all claims for payment in the amount of $108,668.33.  Receipts were $802,299.66.


Upon motion of Kelsey, seconded by Clarke and unanimously carried, to approve the 2016-2017 Achievement and Integration Budget as presented.


The Board asked that administration survey the classes as to their feelings on changing the way the graduating seniors line up for commencement.


Open discussion:  The meeting at Jeffers, sent out another letter to all people with students attending RRC, playground.


Upon motion of Rasmussen, seconded by Kelsey and unanimously carried, to adjourn at 6:10 p.m.




Alan J. Clarke, Clerk