School Board Minutes

Red Rock Central District No. 2884

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education, District No. 2884 was held in the Board Room in Lamberton on Wednesday, February 18, 2015.  Members present were: Bierl, Clarke, Hansen, Kelsey, Rasmussen, Rogotzke, and Stavnes.  Others in attendance: Superintendent Olson, Phil Goetstouwers, Deb Altermatt, Diana Zarrett, Doreen Kronback and Joe Dietl.

Chairman Rogotzke called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 

FCCLA Advisor Diana Zarrett presented a request for financial support to cover the expenses of the State FCCLA convention for the 22 students receiving gold medals on their STAR event at the region level.

Upon motion of Kelsey, seconded by Clarke and unanimously carried to honor the request for an expenditure of $5003.62 plus transportation and substitute teacher to help support the FCCLA members attending the State STAR event competition and convention. 

Upon motion of Kelsey, seconded by Hansen and unanimously carried to approve the Agenda, January 18, 2015 Board Minutes and Treasurer’s report as presented.

Kelsey gave an update on the Auditorium Project. There are additional seats that need recovering - these will be covered under the quote; Auditorium door replacement options and the electricians have come to complete the work in the sound and light booth.

Lead Teacher Deb Altermatt reported the following: Grades 4 & 5 attended the Science Matters Camp at the Science Museum of MN on February 12 & 13, it was a great experience for the students, RRC was 15 of 100 schools selected to attend; Lyceum for grades 2 – 6 today was cancelled due to weather and is rescheduled for tomorrow; A check for $133.58 was received from Target for the 2015 Take Charge of Education program;  Student Council sent in Box Tops for Education worth $368.10; OPLA Math test were completed February 9 - 13, Math is taken Fall and Winter, Reading only in the Fall; MCA Reading testing will be April 20 – 21 and MCA Math testing April 28 -30;  Read the Most from Coast to Coast is February 27, the Elementary will dress as their favorite book character and the teachers will decorate their doors with their favorite book;  March 2 – 6 is I Love to Read week, Special days that week include: March 2nd Hats off to a Good Book, wear a hat; March 3rd Curl up with a Good Book, wear PJ’s; March 4th Camp Out with a Good Book, camping clothes; March 5th Be a Star, wear athletic wear and March 6th, Pop open a Good Book, have a popcorn party;  Local winners of the Zaner-Bloser 2015 handwriting contest: Kindergarten - Jonah Skarupa, Mrs. Paplow; Grade 1 - Jack Grant, Mrs. Sorenson; Grade 2 – Rachel Jeong, Mrs. Benedict; Grade 3 – Ella Erickson, Mrs. Flaig and Grade 4 – Lindsey Willhite, Mrs. Smith;  Everyday Leaders for January were Preschool Brady Mariner, Kindergarten Trae Dueschle, Mrs. Hewitt, Jonah Skarupa, Mrs. Paplow; Grade 1 DeAnn Roiger, Miss Moll; Abbygail Holman, Mrs. Sorenson; Grade 2 Parker Moin, Mrs., Benedict, Grade 3 Courtney Bedner, Mrs. Flaig, Alyssa Cowan,  Mrs. Maras; Grade 4 Bianca Thomas, Mrs. Furth and Lindsey Willhite, Mrs. Shaner.


                                                February 18, 2015 – Page 2

Principal Goetstouwers reported the following:  Tragic loss of Katie Donaldson on Friday, January 23, 2015, funeral was on Thursday, January 29, Snow Week activities were canceled, held dance after game, Choir students sang the National Anthem and had a moment of silence at the game; There was good attendance at the Financial Aid Night, Wednesday, January 28 at 6:30 p.m.; Post season games will start soon for basketball and wrestling teams, Gymnastics is over and Wabasso-/Red Rock Central wrestling was awarded academics state champions for Class A; One Act play “Mike’s Case” took fifth in competition and the Spring play practice for “Usher” has started;  Lyceum magician Curtis Hed preformed for grades 5 – 12 on Monday, February 2, was funny and entertaining, helped boost student morale after tragic loss; $244.79 was received from Target from the Take Charge of Education program based on 1% of purchases designated for RRC; FFA week is next week, activities planned: Dress up days (Blue and Gold, favorite truck tractor/seed company, FFA jacket day, FFA shirts/apparel), FFA emblems on lockers, Trivia questions each day in announcements, Pictures in Lamberton News (RRC Chapter, Officers, Fish & Wildlife team), KLGR interview with FFA President Payton Vold; AG Bowl at SMSU this Friday where the Fish and Wildlife and Soils Teams will participate and compete for a possible $1000.00 SMSU scholarship; Midterms are this Friday; PLAN & EXPLORE parents interpretation night for grades 8 – 10 will be held on February 19, at 6:30 p.m. and Drivers Education Training starts March 2nd, classes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for 10 days, no Wednesday classes, late bus will be at 6:15 p.m. those 10 days.

Superintendent Olson reported on the following:  Looking over the SWWC Service Cooperative Contract, billing amounts have changed;  One bid was received for roof work on the Auditorium roof, there is a need to maintain the roof and possible changes to access to the drainage pipes; Bids have been received for door replacements to the Auditorium and Fitness Center, will seek more bids;  Pre-School room flooring will be replaced with a rubberized tile, Grant money will cover costs for partial replacement, installation by Bittner Flooring;  The doors have been installed at the Bus Garage, red and black steel is coming to complete project;  Suggested by staff to install a cold storage area between Gymnasium and the Auto Shop, will look at cost;  Contacted Arvig Negotiations RRC’s  Fiber Optics provider concerning a new phone system and RRCNET and Joel Sutter from Ehlers will be here to meet with Superintendent and board members on Monday at 4:00 p.m. regarding referendums and lease purchase agreements.

Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Stavnes and unanimously carried, to approve all claims for payment in the amount of $124,722.02.  Receipts were $843,947.22 and investments of $949,590.53. 

Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Hansen and unanimously carried, to approve the PSEO Credit Conversion Policy giving an RRC student taking PSEO classes a one-fourth conversion formula on credits starting in the fall of the 2015 – 2016 school year.

Upon motion of Rasmussen, seconded by Bierl and unanimously carried, to approve the revised 2014 -2015 budget as presented.

Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Kelsey and unanimously carried, to approve the 2015 – 2016 school calendar as presented with the possibility of revisiting this calendar if state legislature would allow RRC to start on an earlier date.


                                                February 18, 2015 – Page 3


Other discussion included the following:  Superintendent Olson attended a Negotiation meeting where the Affordable Care Act was discussed, requiring employers of 50 employees to offer affordable insurance to their employees.


Upon motion of Stavnes, seconded by Bierl and unanimously carried, to change the March Regular Monthly meeting to Monday, March 16, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Kelsey and unanimously carried, to adjourn at 5:57 p.m.

The next regular monthly meeting will held Monday, March 16, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.


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Alan J.  Clarke, Clerk                                                  Doreen Kronback, Reporter