School Board Minutes

Red Rock Central District No. 2884

Tuesday, January 13, 2009



The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education, District No. 2884, was held in the elementary school library in Jeffers on Tuesday, January 13, 2009.  Members present were:  Clarke, Derickson, Johnson, Kelsey, Rogotzke, Stavnes, and Westerman.  Superintendent Brennan, Loy Storey, and Denise Clarke were also in attendance.


Temporary Chairman Brennan called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


The Oath of Office was read by newly elected board members, Derickson, Johnson, Kelsey, and Stavnes.


Temporary Chairman Brennan called for nominations for Chairman.  Clarke nominated Derickson, seconded by Kelsey.  Temporary Chairman Brennan declared the nominations closed and a unanimous ballot be cast for Derickson as Chairman.  Motion carried.


Loy Storey presented to the Board an overview of a field trip/tour of the Cottonwood County Historical Society, Courthouse and Law Enforcement Center that could include our 3rd graders.  The Board thanked Mr. Storey for the presentation and will take it under advisement.


Chairman Derickson called for nominations for Vice Chairman.  Clarke nominated Kelsey, seconded by Westerman.  Chairman Derickson declared the nominations closed and a unanimous ballot be cast for Kelsey as Vice Chairman.  Motion carried.


Kelsey nominated Clarke for Clerk, seconded by Johnson.  Chairman Derickson declared the nominations closed and a unanimous ballot be cast for Clarke as Clerk.  Motion carried.


Kelsey nominated Westerman for Treasurer, seconded by Clarke.  Chairman Derickson declared the nominations closed and a unanimous ballot be cast for Westerman as Treasurer.  Motion carried.


Chairman Derickson appointed the following committee members:

MSHSL – Stavnes

Legislative – Derickson; Kelsey alternate

Negotiations and Personnel of Certified Staff – Clarke, Johnson, and Rogotzke;  Derickson alternate

Negotiations and Personnel of Non-Certified Staff – Clarke, Kelsey, and Derickson; Westerman alternate

Staff Development – Westerman; Kelsey alternate

System Accountability – Westerman and Derickson; Kelsey alternate

Redwood County Joint Powers Board – Kelsey; Stavnes alternate

Tri-County Joint Powers Board – Westerman; Johnson alternate

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Community Education – Kelsey; Rogotzke alternate

Finance Committee – Clarke, Rogotzke, and Westerman

Technology Planning – Derickson

RRCNet – Clarke, Derickson, and Rogotzke

Building Committee – Kelsey, Clarke, and Stavnes


Upon motion of Rogotzke, seconded by Kelsey and unanimously carried, to approve the agenda as amended, the minutes of the December 15, 2008 meeting, and the treasurer’s report.


Lead Teacher Riley’s report was distributed to the Board – On January 9th Trenton Dammann showed our students some pictures of national monuments and the FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C.  The SMSU Field Coordinator has asked our teachers to fill out a survey which will indicate as to whether or not any of our staff is interested in hosting one of their teacher candidates.  On January 15th our students will be learning about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the contributions to civil rights and equality that he made.  January 16th is the end of the second quarter.  Report cards will be sent home with students on January 23rd. 


Principal Olson’s report is as follows:  I have been researching the Knowledge Bowl as to who may be willing to coach and costs involved.  Mrs. Wilmes is coaching the One Act Play which will enter competition the last weekend in January.  Mrs. Goblish again had her 7th grade classes put together cancer care packages.  This project is coordinated with the Redwood Falls Hospital with the help of Cindy Moldan.  The packages were delivered last Friday and the patients really appreciate this gesture.  The feeling our students have after doing this “volunteer” work is tremendous.  We have 90 plus members of the Fitness Center as of now.  Congratulations to the board as we hear often of how lucky we are in this community to have this available.


Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Westerman and unanimously approved, to pay claims in the amount of $74,921.83.  Receipts were $510,077.92.


Upon motion of Kelsey, seconded by Rogotzke and unanimously approved, to cut the Cross Country program in conjunction with Westbrook-Walnut Grove’s decision to cut the program also.


Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Rogotzke and unanimously approved, to discontinue Academic Decathlon beginning with the 2009-10 school year.


Upon motion of Rogotzke, seconded by Clarke and unanimously approved, that the Board in conjunction with Dr. Brennan and in light of all the tight budget problems within the State of Minnesota, have agreed to a deferred compensation plan for the Superintendent’s third year of his three-year contract.  Basically, the Board and Superintendent have agreed to not complete the raise in his contract and to hold off the salary increase until a later date, but before the Superintendent retires, the  Superintendent will collect the compensation increase for the 2009-2010 school year.  All other aspects of the contract remain intact and will allow the Superintendent to transfer the TSA to the State’s post-retirement insurance savings plan.


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Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Kelsey and unanimously approved, to accept the attached Testing Policy as written and it will become a new District policy.


Discussion was held regarding Loy Storey’s presentation and the blog that Chairman Derickson has set up at


At 8:30 p.m. the Board went into closed session to discuss a personnel issue.


At 8:40 p.m. the Board came out of closed session.


Upon motion of Clarke, seconded by Rogotzke and unanimously carried, to adjourn at 8:40 p.m.



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Alan J. Clarke, Clerk                                      Denise Clarke, Recorder