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Instructions: Choose one of the following search engines: STARTING POINT, HOTBOT, LYCOS, WEBCRAWLER, YAHOO, ALTAVISTA, EXCITE, or INFOSEEK.  Use SWITCHBOARD to find phone numbers and addresses.  Enter the word(s) you are searching for in that engine's text box (click in the box to type there), set any options you would like, and then click the "Search" button next to the box. If you would rather go to that search engine's page, click on its graphic on the left.  Click here for some search tips.  

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HotBot HotBot is a search engine sponsored by the popular electronic magazine HotWired.  HotBot is an excellent search engine, providing means for boolean, keyword, and phrase searching.



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     USA Web Resource: A Search Engine for States

    Switchboard Use Switchboard to find the phone number or address of anyone in the United States!

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