About the RRCNET

The RRCNET is a project of the Red Rock Central School District. RRCNET provides dialup Internet access to the towns of Jeffers, Lamberton, Sanborn, Storden, Windom and Westbrook. RRCNET provdes high speed wireless access to Jeffers, Lamberton, Sanborn, Storden, Walnut Grove and Westbrook. In RRCNET's first five years, it has grown from just a handful of subscribers to over 600 users. RRCNET also provides web space for businesses to host their web pages. RRCNET can also design a web site to meet your business's needs.

Some Numbers to Think About

Web Team

Leonard Runck--RRCNet System Administrator

Charles Nordby--RRCNet Concept Leader

John Stenzel--RRC Technology Coordinator

Dan Churchill, Mark Krinke, Josh Gode, Doug Eucken--RRCNet Alumni

Ann Benedict, Jessica Wetter --Accounting Alumni

Kim Schroepfer, Kiki Polzin, Amber Wetter, and Trina Dammann--Accounting

Will Sell, Susanna Kronbach, Anthony Eidem, Brian Potter, Travis Rupp, Jason Jenkins, Justin Engen, Thaw Davis, Craig Polkow, Bryan Runck--Technical Consultant Alumni